Is Erin Napier Pregnant Again: Pregnancy Rumors!

is erin napier pregnant again

Born on August 30th, 1985, Erin Napier is best known as the host of “Home Town,” a popular home improvement show on HGTV. Since 2016, Napier and her husband Ben have been renovating houses in Laurel, Mississippi. She also owns a stationery business, is a published author, and works as a graphic designer. Napier and her husband, with whom she has two children, met in college. Come help us honor this reality TV star’s many accomplishments!

What’s the Deal with Erin Napier?

The Napiers, Erin and Ben, have been given the gift of two children. Helen, their firstborn, entered the world in the new year of 2018. Mae, their youngest child, was born in May of 2021. Fans observed Erin was showing signs of pregnancy in one of the most recent episodes of the hit show, which led to widespread speculation that the HGTV star was expecting. Despite this, Erin has not put an end to the speculations.

Once pregnant, Erin Napier suffered from severe stomach pain for ten years before doctors finally diagnosed her with a perforated appendix. Erin underwent multiple procedures and worried that having children would never be possible. She does, however, have two lovely children.

is erin napier pregnant again

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One of the most recognized personalities in the reality television business is Erin Napier, who has starred in numerous shows about remodeling homes. She studied fine arts in college and worked as a corporate graphic designer before joining her husband in the family home improvement business. Houses they renovated in Laurel, Mississippi’s historic district made it into “Southern Weddings” magazine and the publication’s Instagram feed. A representative from HGTV would be in touch with them shortly.

Napier and her husband Ben quickly became famous in 2016 when they began hosting the HGTV reality show “Home Town.” Following the success of the first three seasons, Discovery+ ordered two spinoff series to broadcast in early 2021: Home Town: Ben’s Workshop and Home Town: Takeover.

Later, the couple launched two more enterprises, including a reimagined “Laurel Mercantile Co.”, through which they create and produce heirlooms and durable products. Ben Napier, her husband, constructs home furnishings and other wooden items at their second company, Scotsman Co. Napier’s design skills and her husband’s woodworking are showcased with the three companies’ wares in the home renovation they document in their reality show.

Napier and her husband first met in 2004, while both were enrolled in college to study completely different subjects. Only six days after the first meeting, they were already dating. Their wedding took place in 2008, and they now have twin girls. Napier and her husband wrote the memoir “Make Something Positive Today,” which was published in 2018 and is about their life together and encourages others to seek good things. Second book by Erin Napier, “The Lantern House” (2020) is a children’s storybook.

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