Is Ellie a Lesbian on The Last of Us?

is ellie a lesbian

Episode 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us explores Ellie’s character in greater depth and reveals additional clues regarding her sexuality. While Joel and Tess were left on edge by Ellie’s immunity reveal in the first episode of The Last of Us, the second episode picks up nearly immediately after. The two are questioning the girl to find out if she is truly immune or will quickly mutate into one of the monsters that have wiped out humanity.

Episode 2 of The Last of Us expands on Ellie’s personality after the group decides to carry out their mission and deliver her to the Fireflies at the State House. The relationship with Anna Torv’s Tess brings out details about Bella Ramsey’s Ellie. At least one of these exchanges alludes to Ellie’s sexuality, giving players a glimpse into one of the game’s most innovative plots at the time of its release.

is ellie a lesbian

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Episode 2 of The Last of Us Suggests that Ellie Is Gay

In the midst of their journey, Tess worries that Joel and she might be in danger if someone comes seeking Ellie. Ellie tells Tess that she is an orphan, which was revealed in The Last of Us episode 1, but she hesitates when asked if a parent or partner will come looking for her.

Ellie hesitates to respond, but eventually says, “and uh… no.” Another clue that Ellie is gay comes from the hesitation in her response and the pointed camera focus on her as she says this in HBO’s The Last of Us show, which has repeatedly alluded to a mysterious character named Riley.

When Ellie Comes out As Gay on The Last of Us, It Will Be Official

Co-writer and co-creator Craig Mazin has stated that Ellie’s sexuality, a key part of the original The Last of Us video game, will be maintained in the HBO adaptation. Ellie’s sexual orientation plays a significant role in her development throughout both games, notably the sequel. It makes it possible for some of the most painful parts of both games, especially in the first game’s Left Behind DLC, which The Last of Us show is also slated to examine.

A fan turned to Twitter soon after the series was revealed, pleading with Mazin and Druckmann to “keep the gay gay” and not remove any representation from the game. Mazin then responded that they still had his word even though his tweets were behind a paywall.

The involvement of Druckmann (who wrote and directed both The Last of Us games) and the indications in episodes 1 and 2 of the show make it evident that Ellie’s sexuality would be maintained in the adaptation, confirming Mazin’s initial statements.

is ellie a lesbian

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The Importance of Ellie’s Homosexuality to The Final Chapter of “US”

Despite the fact that Ellie’s sexuality in the television program is not as radical as it once was thanks to the advancements in LGBTQ+ representation in the medium, it was essential to the first The Last of Us game. While there were been examples of LGBTQ+ characters in games prior to 2013 and the release of The Last of Us, such characters were not featured prominently.

The vast majority of LGBTQ+ characters were non-playable or given minor roles, with the exception of games that let players choose the sexual orientation of their protagonist.

By staying true to the game’s character arcs, HBO’s The Last of Us can revisit a watershed moment for diversity in video games. When she was first revealed to be a playable character in a major video game, Ellie paved the way for other LGBTQ+ characters to be similarly represented. It’s worth noting that in the first release of The Last of Us, Ellie’s sexuality, like Bill’s, is only slightly indicated.

The character was not shown to be a lesbian until the Left Behind downloadable content was made available. Ellie’s sexuality is an integral part of who she is, and it’s crucial that the HBO adaptation doesn’t straight wash a significant LGBTQ+ milestone in gaming by eliminating it. This is especially true given the dramatic increase in the number of playable LGBTQ+ characters in video games since The Last of Us’ release.

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