Is Ed Kemper Still Alive: Is He Contributing to Society?

is ed kemper still alive

Edmund Emil Kemper III is an American serial killer. From May 1972 to April 1973, he killed a total of 10 people, including a 15-year-old girl, his mother, and her best friend. This was after he was released from prison for killing his paternal grandparents.

Do We Still Have Ed Kemper?

Ed Kemper is still around, that’s true. One reason Ed was called the Co-ed Killer was that all of his victims were female. The decapitation of Clarnell, his last victim, in 1973 marked the climax of his murderous rampage. He called the police after this murder and was found guilty at trial, receiving a 7-year sentence for each of the killings he committed. As for whether or not Ed Kemper is still around, the answer is yes. But if you’re wondering what became of Ed Kemper, keep reading.

is ed kemper still alive

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Providing the Fbi with Information that Leads to The Arrest of Other Murderers

In an unexpected turn of events, Kemper used his time in prison to help the FBI catch other serial killers.

The FBI started a breakthrough project in the 1970s in which agents went to prisons to chat with offenders like Kemper to gain a better understanding of their motivations and cognitive processes at a time when academia and law enforcement knew very little about their inner workings.

He provided an abundance of detail about the crooks’ backstories. Ex-FBI agent and current Behavioral Science Unit researcher Bryanna Fox said, “Agents found some previously undiscovered ties amongst serial killers by looking at their shared histories and behaviors.”

Kemper has become one of the most notorious killers in the country after years of interesting interviews.

While incarcerated in the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, he has no intention of leading a normal life.

In 2007, the client’s counsel described his client’s viewpoint on life behind bars, saying, “His opinion is that he — and this is his belief — no one is ever going to let him out.”

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Helping Blind Community

As reported by the Los Angeles Times in 1987, Edmund Kemper and other offenders participated in a program called Volunteers of Vacaville (via Oxygen).

This organization, so claims Book Riot, is responsible for starting The Blind Project.

Its intended beneficiaries include those who are visually impaired or incarcerated. The organization provides prisoner training in a variety of areas, including Braille transcription, in exchange for the delivery of audiobooks to the visually impaired.

Many audiobooks, notably “Star Wars” and “Flowers in the Attic,” feature Kemper’s voiceover work. Between 1977 and 1987, he recorded over 5,000 hours. As a result of his efforts, Kemper was awarded not one but two awards, and he afterward spoke of his satisfaction with the recognition he had received on behalf of the company.

The Vacaville Volunteers organization is still functioning. The Blind Project was Kemper’s life’s work, but he suffered a stroke in 2015 and was forced to abandon it.

Parts of his life are portrayed in “Mindhunter,” a critically acclaimed Netflix series directed by David Fincher. Ed Kemper made it to 2021 and is currently serving time in prison.

Conclusion of The Case

Edmund Kemper, the serial killer, is still alive and well. We can’t condone what he did to so many women, but we have to admit that whatever he’s doing now is probably for the best of the FBI and of society as a whole. It’s impossible to determine who is hiding a monstrous nature beneath a seemingly kind and honest exterior because we’re all human.

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