Is Don Lemon Gay? Journey As A Gay Public Figure!

is don lemon gay
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Don Lemon is an American journalist who is best known for being a CNN host. In his early days as a journalist, Lemon anchored weekend newscasts on small television stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania.

Is Don Lemon Gay?

is don lemon gay

Yes, Don Lemon is Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Homosexual. Don Lemon and his longtime boyfriend Tim Malone are engaged. In 2015, Lemon met real estate agent Tim Malone, and they subsequently began dating. The engagement of the couple was announced in April 2019. The couple first met on a Friday evening in 2015 at Almond in Bridgehampton.

“Every Friday night is like a gay mixer,” Lemon stated, explaining that he stayed in touch with Malone until they began dating officially in 2016. In 2019, they got engaged on election night, and last winter, they traveled to Lowe’s in Riverhead to buy Christmas decorations in their 1987 Ford Country Squire Woody station wagon — an homage to the model Malone’s family drove when he was a child in Southampton.

Malone, a graduate of Southampton High School, described his upbringing as “relatively ordinary.” The Hamptons were much more tranquil back then. I believe the dot-com boom of the late 1990s caused the Hamptons to explode in popularity. One of the things that drew me to real estate was witnessing the area expand and the gorgeous real estate change over the years.

When the COVID pandemic struck, Lemon and Malone elected to relocate to the East Coast permanently, however, they have since returned to their residence in Manhattan.

“Since I’ve had a home in Sag Harbor since 2016, I’ve always felt that this is my community, and it was a privilege to live there under quarantine… “It brought me back to my childhood in Louisiana,” says Lemon. “Children would ride bicycles, and you could smell the fragrances emanating from people’s homes… It was a wonderful sensation.”

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Who is Tim Malone?

is don lemon gay

Tim Malone, a real estate agent from Water Mill, New York, was born in April 1984. Since graduating from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and history, Tim divides his time between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Before moving his professional path from media to real estate, he worked for The Today Show and NBCUniversal in the background. Additionally, Malone worked for the sales divisions of the SyFy and USA networks. Three years later, Malone became the executive director of brand partnerships at Billboard, where he had previously worked as a director.

He was a realtor at The Corcoran Group for two years before joining Douglas Elliman Real Estate in February 2020.
On Tim’s birthday, April 6, 2019, he became engaged to his longtime partner Don Lemon, which also happened to be his engagement day.

On the following Saturday, the CNN anchor announced the engagement on social media. Don wrote in his Instagram post, “On his birthday, he gave me a gift. How could I refuse?

The couple began dating sometime during the summer of 2016 and made their relationship public through a post on Don’s Instagram.

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When Are Don Lemon and Tim Malone Getting Married?

is don lemon gay


In response to Don and Tim’s engagement, Don told Media that he and his fiance have not yet selected a wedding date. The presenter remarked, “I’m just trying to enjoy this moment of happiness, and then we’ll get married when the time is right.”Most people tell me, “Don’t become obsessed with the ceremony or wedding planning; just enjoy yourself.”

During an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, he elaborated, “I’ve just found the right person.”The person who believes in unconditional love, who believes in the struggles, overcoming the challenges, and weathering the storms of a relationship, because partnerships aren’t easy and I don’t believe they’re meant to be.”

Don said, “Someone who firmly believes in family, and I decided you know I need to lean into my life because I never imagined as a child that I would be able to be open about my love life and relationship.”I honestly grew up believing that I would never be married, that it would just be a roommate, or that I could never tell my family or be open with the world about it. However, after same-sex marriage was legalized, I thought, “Why not get married?”

“Why not, you know, fall in love and have all the happiness that everyone else is entitled to? That’s where I am right now,” the network anchor continued to Tamron. I just want to be happy, do the right thing in life, fall in love, and create a family.

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