Is David Muir Gay: What Is a Mystery of David’s Sexuality?

is david muir gay

David Jason Muir, a New York City-based American journalist, is the host of ABC World News Tonight and the co-host of ABC News magazine 20/20.

Is David Muir a Homosexual?

is david muir gay

David Muir’s sexual orientation has been a point of debate. This is only speculation; he has never addressed it. Despite this, he just became engaged to Tommy DiDario and has been linked to several other men. These comments suggest, at most, that he may be gay.

Relationships Throughout David Muir’s Life

In 2015, the famous journalist was said to be dating Gio Benitez, another reporter for ABC News. They would frequently post images of their time together on social media. Because Gio is out as homosexual, fans read more into the photographs and imagined they were dating.

While David and Gio remained close, they never commented on the speculation that they were romantically involved. On September 17, 2015, however, Gio announced his engagement to his longtime boyfriend, Tommy DiDario. All the rumors regarding David and Gio’s relationship were put to rest when the two married in an intimate ceremony in Miami, Florida.

Former Jezebel deputy editor Kate Dries came out as David Muir’s girlfriend on September 10 of that year. She made light of their courting and first date in a piece headlined Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster.

She went on to upload some of his images from his Instagram feed, saying that she took them. However, after the story was published, no connections have been made between them. Kate has not mentioned anything since, and the newscaster has not confirmed or denied her assertions. As a result, their admirers speculated that the couple had broken up or that Kate had been joking about being David Muir’s girlfriend.

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Who Is David Muir Now Dating?

A man simply identified as Sean has recently been linked to him. The unnamed individual is said to be the CEO of the swimsuit company aussieBum. But just like with his other supposed marriages and partnerships, there is zero evidence of this one either.

Kelly Ripa, an American actress and media personality, is very close to him. David often shares photos of the two of them, and the remarks he provides emphasize how much they care for and cherish one another in every shot.

Doubts about whether or not they were just friends persisted for a while. While Kelly and Mark may have met in the entertainment industry, they have been married since 1996. Kelly and David Muir are not romantically involved; rather, they are close friends who frequently spend time with one other’s families.

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Marriage of David Muir

However, due to the privacy of his wedding, no reports have surfaced on the date or location of his nuptials to Sean.

His relationship with Sean has generated considerable media interest, and the announcement of his recent marriage to Sean has propelled him to the forefront of every major news outlet.

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