Is David Allen Coe Still Alive: He Was Found COVID Positive!

is david allen coe still alive

An American musician, David Allan Coe is well-known for his songwriting and singing. After spending a significant portion of his youth in reform institutions, including jails, Coe turned to music and made his name as a busker in Nashville.

Does Anyone Know if David Allen Coe Is Alive?

While hospitalized in August due to a positive COVID-19 test and symptoms including low oxygen levels, David Allan Coe celebrated his 82nd birthday on September 6th. Instead of intubating him, doctors gave him massive doses of vitamins and oxygen. Similarly, he required feeding through an intravenous tube.

However, David Allan Coe has reportedly been discharged from the hospital and is now recovering at his home. It has been claimed that he plans to return to performing concerts soon, despite his continued reliance on oxygen therapy.

Live performances by David Allan Coe on August 20 and 21 were initially rescheduled on August 16 out of concern for the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Coe, his wife Kimberly, and Kimberly’s son and grandchild were all publicly announced as positive on August 20. It was later discovered that all remaining August and September performances had been canceled as well. David Allan Coe was admitted to a hospital in Ormond Beach, Florida.

is david allen coe still alive

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The Wealth of David Allen Coe

David Allen Coe is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with a net worth of $1.5 million. David Allen Coe was born in Akron, Ohio, in September 1939. Coe’s heydays as a sought-after musician occurred in the 1970s and 1980s.

Singles like “She Used to Love Me A Lot,” “The Ride,” and “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile” were huge hits for him. Coe has had two number-one hits, “Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone)” and “Take This Job and Shove It,” both of which have been covered by Tanya Tucker and Johnny Paycheck, respectively.


Throughout his career, David has battled the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), much like his contemporaries Jerry Lee Lewis and Willie Nelson. All of his tunes up to 1984 were reportedly sold for about $25,000 during a bankruptcy procedure, which he revealed in 2003. Because he apparently wasn’t informed that a sale was happening, he missed out on the chance to make a bid.

is david allen coe still alive

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His Claims Are as Follows

All of my songs up to 1984 were sold in a bankruptcy procedure for something like $25,000, and nobody told me they were for sale. The IRS basically claimed that I owed them $100,000. Everything I owned was ruined because of the flood that hit the place where I was staying.

They knew I couldn’t prove my possessions or lack thereof using official paperwork or other means. As of late, I’ve been unable to pay my debts and hence have filed for bankruptcy. Nelson chose to take care of them himself. I made the choice not to. I’ve told them everything. Only my original music and touring pay the bills at the moment.

All of the songs on the X-rated albums were purchased. Those items are no longer in my possession. My hands are completely clean of all of it. I am expected to be credited as the composer but am not compensated in any way.

In Closing

David Allan Coe came into the world on September 6, 1939. He gained notoriety after the release of his two extremely adult albums, Nothing Sacred and Underground Album. The 83-year-old American country singer is a native of Akron, Ohio. Single Father,” a song by Kid Rock, was written by him in 2003. After a positive COVID-19 test, David Allan Coe was admitted to an Ormond Beach, Florida, hospital.

It was later discovered that all remaining August and September performances had been canceled as well. David has had numerous run-ins with the IRS that he has had to fight. During a bankruptcy proceeding in 2003, all of his music up to 1984 was auctioned.

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