Is Dave Sparks Gay? Know More About His Sexuality and Life!

is dave sparks gay

Dave Sparks is a businessman, television personality, and diesel enthusiast from Salt Lake City. Most people recognize him by his moniker, ‘Heavy D.’ Dave and his closest friend are the proprietors of Dieselsellerz, a store that specializes in the modification of diesel-powered vehicles.

Sparks’ passion for automobiles dates back to his adolescent years when he studied auto-mechanics and fabrication. In his childhood, he worked in multiple garages, gaining great skills in the process. Follow your instructions to learn everything there is to know about Heavy D.

Is Dave Sparks Gay?

is dave sparks gay

Dave Sparks is not gay. The star of the Diesel brothers’ films is married. The name of Heavy D’s wife is Ashley Bennet Sparks. Every fortunate event in his life seemed to be integrally tied to his church attendance. Meeting his wife was the same. The church is where Heavy D and Ashley Bennet first met. One year after they began dating, they were going down the aisle! According to Ashley’s Instagram feed, they share some common hobbies. In one post, they can be seen posing together on a yellow monster truck.

Many posts on their social media pages provide us with a glimpse into their connection. This year on Dave’s birthday, Ashley took to Facebook to express her gratitude for the extraordinary years they have spent together. She continued by saying that Dave was his closest companion.

Even after more than a decade of marriage, Ashley still gets excited whenever he calls her. She continues by describing Heavy D as not only an incredible spouse but also the kindest father in the area. If this does not demonstrate their love for one another, we honestly do not know what will! The couple is also the proud parents of three lovely children: Charley, Beau, and Mack Sparks.

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What Is Heavy D’s Age?

is dave sparks gay

Dave Sparks was born in 1985 on January 6th. Thus, he is currently 35 years old and a Capricorn. The characteristics linked with his zodiac sign include tenacity, determination, and charisma. If this doesn’t encapsulate the essence of Heavy D, we don’t know what does!

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His Use of Social Media

Instagram is the preferred social networking site for Dave Sparks. A quick glance reveals that he has 3.3 million followers. In addition, we discover that he is linked with Nikola Motor Corporation. The majority of Dave’s posts demonstrate that he is a proud family man who adores his wife and children. There are also numerous images of diesel-powered monstrosities, which is not unexpected. In addition, we discover that he is a dog lover! The name of Dave’s Mastiff is Boerboel.

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