Is Danielle Savre Gay? A Thorough Look in Her Personal Life!

is danielle savre gay

Danielle Kathleen Savre is an actress and vocalist from the United States. She is well-known for her television roles, including her leading roles in the 2007 MTV music drama Kaya, the 2016 TLC drama Too Close to Home, and the ABC Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19, as well as her roles in the films Wild About Harry and Boogeyman 2.

Is Danielle Savre Gay?

is danielle savre gay

Danielle has not confirmed being gay. Given that Danielle portrays a bisexual character on Station 19, it is conceivable that fans would be inquisitive about her own sexual orientation.

Danielle has been relatively silent on this topic in the past, but she previously told StyleCaster, “I believe we fall in love with whoever we fall in love with, and that gender is irrelevant. I believe that one falls in love with the person, not the sex.”

Danielle revealed in May of this year that she is a member of the LGBTQIA community and has dated individuals of both sexes.

Danielle stated in an interview with GCN Magazine that she believed it was time to reveal at least a small portion of her private life. I wanted to be able to say, “I get it, I see everyone, and I understand some of their struggles.”

“We all support each other in this community that we’ve created,” she continued. “An entire audience, a whole generation, will be able to watch LGBTQ+ characters in a genuine relationship on television.”

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Is Danielle Savre Married?

is danielle savre gay

Regarding actress Danielle Savre, her relationship status is not entirely clear. Based on her social media activity as of 2022, Danielle appears to be single. In 2019, she was romantically linked to Blackhawks hockey analytics/video analyst Andrew Contis, but that relationship appears to be over at this time.

Danielle Savre is currently neither married nor in a public relationship.

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Danielle Savre’s Past Relationships and Boyfriend Information

Over the years, the actress has been linked to several individuals from the entertainment industry. In 2010, one of the allegations claimed that Savre dated her Summerland co-star Jesse McCartney.

In April 2005, the two were observed together in Newport Beach, California, at the Hollister store on Newport Fashion Island. However, they neither verified nor denied the rumor.

In addition, Savre was reportedly courting a hockey analytics/video analyst for the Chicago Blackhawks named Andrew Contis in the late 2010s. Prior to joining O2K Worldwide Management, Contis was an NCAA men’s ice hockey manager at Michigan State University and a partner management intern.

The Grey’s Anatomy cast purchased a three-bedroom property in Old Town, Chicago, with her alleged ex-boyfriend, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I have possessed it for ten to eleven months. “I’ve only lived there for about three months, which is crazy, but it feels like home,” she told the publication of her Chicago residence.

Currently, the couple is no longer together, as suggested by some Twitter users. A user reported that the couple separated in March 2019.

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