Is Cristiano Ronaldo Married: How Many Kids He Has?

is cristiano ronaldo married

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo stated that he plans to marry his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez “in the future,” but that he is not currently considering it.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is a Married Man?

Cristiano Ronaldo has never been married and is not currently wed. Though he was frequently spotted with Russian model Irina Shayk between 2010 and 2015, his six-year relationship with Georgina Rodriguez is the longest one he is known to have had.

The only one of his girlfriends with whom he is known to have had children is Georgina Rodriguez. Additionally, in recent years, Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed support for the concept of getting married.

is cristiano ronaldo married

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Georgina Rodriguez: Who Is She?

On January 27, 1994, Rodrguez, a Spanish model, was born in Argentina. She reportedly moved in with a family in Bristol, England, to work as an au pair. She was raised in the city of Jaca, close to the French border. Rodrguez changed professional paths to pursue modeling and social media influencing after studying English in London.

She currently has close to 30 million Instagram followers and frequently shares photos and videos of herself working out. She has also been on the cover of Grazia, Women’s Health Portugal, Elle Italy, and the Spanish issue of Cosmopolitan.

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Stance on Marriage?

A Netflix documentary about the couple’s life called “I Am Georgina” was published in January 2022.

In it, Ronaldo said he was confident that he will marry Georgina Rodriguez and stated it might happen very soon. I always tell Georgina that when we click, like everything in our lives, and she understands what I’m talking about, he said.

It can happen in a year, six months, or even a month. I have complete faith that it will happen. Although he acknowledged it was his “mother’s dream,” Ronaldo expressed more reluctance about marriage in a 2019 interview with Piers Morgan.

He said, “Don’t make me under pressure,” when asked about marriage. He then responded after being prodded by the current Sun columnist: “It’s [real love] and she’s a great person.

“Yes, it was [like the first time a mystical meeting took place]. Gio is part of me. She is a huge assistance to me. “She is the mother of my children, therefore it goes without saying that I love her.

“She’s my friend, we have discussions, I open up to her, and [she’s the greatest love of my life] she opens up to me.

Why not [be married]? Not now! Not during this interview. Why not, one day? We’ll definitely do it one day because it’s my mother’s desire.

Are There Any Children of Cristiano and Georgina?

Alana Marti was born in November 2017; her delighted parents are Cristiano and Georgina. Although their daughter is their first child together, Cristiano has other children who are older than her.

is cristiano ronaldo married

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The football player is also the father of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., his oldest kid, who is 12 years old and whose mother is still unidentified. Additionally, he has twins Eva and Mateo Ronaldo, who was delivered in June 2017, five days before Cristiano Jr.’s birthday, by an unnamed surrogate.

Cristiano and Georgina made the announcement that they will be welcoming not one, but two new members of the family in October 2021.

Cristiano tweeted two pictures of himself and Georgina with their ultrasound scan and another of the joyful father with his four eldest children, “Delighted to announce we are having twins. Our hearts are full of love – we can’t wait to meet you #blessed.”

The children, a girl, and a boy were born in April 2022, but the football player’s infant son passed away soon after Georgina gave birth.

Cristiano posted the devastating news online, saying: “It is with the utmost regret that we must announce the passing of our baby child. It is the greatest pain that any parents can endure.”

“Only the arrival of our baby girl gives us the strength to survive this moment with some hope and happiness. We would like to thank the physicians and nurses for all their great care and support.”

The bereaved father continued, “Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always adore you. We are all crushed at this loss and we humbly beg for privacy at this extremely difficult time.”


For the chance to be with Cristiano Ronaldo, many women would do anything. However, the football hunk is unquestionable of the market, sorry guys. Georgina Rodriguez is a lucky lady, but given that she is stunning, encouraging, and a devoted mother to all of Ronaldo’s children, we’d also argue that Cristiano is a lucky man.

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