Is Craig Jones Gay? Decoding Craig Jones’s Sexual Orientation

Is Craig Jones Gay?

In the world of jiu-jitsu, few names resonate as strongly as Craig Jones. Known for his incredible grappling skills and captivating persona, Jones has become a legendary figure in the martial arts community. However, beyond the mat, the enigmatic athlete has sparked curiosity about his personal life, including his sexuality, relationships, and family

On July 23, 1989, Craig Jones was born in Adelaide, Australia. Jones was always interested in martial arts as a child, and by the time he was in his teens, he had become passionate about jiu-jitsu. His talent and perseverance allowed him to have a successful sporting career.

Is Craig Jones Gay?

The Rumors About His Sexuality

Craig Jones is not Gay. For a few reasons, it is conceivable that some people could think he is that person. First, his recent sale of a t-shirt bearing the slogan “KEEP JIUJITSU GAY” has drawn criticism. It was the fastest-selling item in B Team Jiu-Jitsu’s whole catalog.

Second, he joined his buddy Lachlan Giles in a spoof engagement photoshoot video that was posted on his Instagram. They may be seen kissing one other on the lips in one of the pictures.

It’s crucial to remember that these occurrences don’t necessarily represent his sexuality; rather, they seem to be more of a fun joke. The fact that many laughed in response shows that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

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Is Craig Jones Gay?

Who Is Craig Jones Dating?

Craig Jones does not appear to be dating anyone right now. He hasn’t made his relationship status known in the media, which has caused some ambiguity and contradictory facts.

According to some reports, he is wed to Susy Jones, while other sources contend that he is dating Gabbi Garcia, who he often posts pictures of on social media. It’s crucial to remember that social media can occasionally lead to misconceptions.

Despite the fact that Craig and Gabbi Garcia are frequently shown together in amusing video clips posted on his Instagram, this does not always suggest a love relationship.

Is Craig Jones Gay?

A Rising Star in Jiu-Jitsu

Jones’ jiu-jitsu career took off when he started studying under famous Australian black belt Lachlan Giles. Craig won multiple tournaments at the national and international levels thanks to his technical skill and unwavering determination. This earned him praise and admiration from both competitors and spectators.

Jones trains out of Austin, Texas, and is the head of B Team Jiu-Jitsu. Because of his behavior and the way he exhibits his work, Craig Jones’ sexuality has long been the subject of rumors. But this time, the “KEEP JIUJITSU GAY” t-shirt released by B-Team Jiu-Jitsu raised questions about his sexuality once more.

Is Craig Jones Gay?


Although Craig Jones is well-known in the jiu-jitsu community, little is known about his private life. We must appreciate his desire to remain private in some areas of his life as his supporters and admirers. Let’s instead celebrate his amazing talent and commitment to the sport that has made him so successful. Craig Jones’s history as a jiu-jitsu legend clearly defines him, and his real colors are most apparent on the mat.