Is Corbin Bleu Gay? Uncovering The Truth Behind the Rumors!

is corbin bleu gay

Corbin Bleu Reivers is an American singer and actor who goes by the stage name Corbin Bleu. He started starring in the adventure comedy Catch That Kid, which came out in 2004. Since then, he has been in the action series Flight 29 Down on Discovery Kids.

Is Corbin Blue Gay

is corbin bleu gay

As per liverampup, he is not gay. In the show, Corbin’s character, Chad, is Troy Bolton’s best friend, and the two best friends are seen spending a lot of time together. At first, people thought that Troy would be a gay figure, but that didn’t happen. Corbin’s character was thought to be bisexual because he was the best in Troy.

Notably, Corbin first tried out for the part of “Ryan Evans,” a gay character, but later got the part of “Chad Danforth.”

Many of his fans think he is gay because of how he acts in the series. But Corbin is not gay in real life, unlike the role he plays on TV. He got married to his girlfriend of five years and is very happy about it.

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Is He Married

is corbin bleu gay

In 2016, he wed Sasha Clements in Santa Susana, California. Canadian actress Sasha Clements is best known for her roles in The Snow Queen, What Warthogs Are There!, How to Build a Better Boy, Lost Girl, Mudpit, and Life with Boys.

The couple met in a Toronto supermarket in 2011 and dated for three years before he proposed in October 2014 at Disney World.


is corbin bleu gay

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Corbin had a big part in the movie Catch That Kid (2004) with Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot during his first year of high school.

In the summer of the next year, he got the lead part in Flight 29 Down (2005), a Discovery Kids show that was filmed in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and ran for three seasons.

Corbin Bleu played Chad Danforth in High School Musical (2006) before he graduated from high school.

He was cast along with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, and Lucas Grabeel. The movie was directed by Kenny Ortega, and 7.7 million people watched the opening on January 20, 2006. It made a lot of money and was Disney’s most popular movie at the time.

Corbin and his co-stars went on tour with High School Musical: The Concert (2006–2007) to promote the movie and get ready for High School Musical 2 (2007). The second movie in the series came out on August 17, 2007, and more than 17.2 million people in the U.S. saw it. High School Musical 3: Senior Year came out in 2008. It got more watchers and made more than $252 million at the box office, which was more than anyone expected.

Corbin Bleu worked on the movie’s soundtrack, which sold more than 3 million records in the US alone.

Because of his part in the High School Musical movie series, he became known all over the world. This led to more movie roles, like in the 2007 Disney movie Jump In, which broke the record for the best-rated Disney premiere at the time.

He also played Johnny Collins in two episodes of Hannah Montana and in other TV shows like The Beautiful Life: TBL, One Life to Live, Psych, Drop Dead Diva, and The Good Wife.

He danced with Karina Smirnoff on the 17th season of the ABC show Dancing With the Stars in 2013.

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