The Famous Love Island Couple Cely and Johny’s Split: Are They Still Together?

Love islands Cely Vazquez and Johny Middlebrooks are going their separate ways. Cely is a free-spirited Cali girl who grew up in the sunny rural town of Manteca. She is fluent in Spanish, loves singing and playing the guitar, and is athletic. On the other hand, Johny Middlebrooks is a contestant from love islands USA 2. He also took part in the show called Ride OR Die. Middlebrook is 22 years old and a student from Chesapeake, Virginia. Cely 24 announced their split through social media on Sunday. Both of them have been a part of Love Island USA season 2. Their relationship was something serious that fans were ls interested in. But it has been announced that they are splitting their ways.

Cely and Johny’s relationship status

The love island star Johny Middlebrooks is calling out Cely for her “messy” post-breakup, claiming that she constantly implies that he did something wrong. Middlebrooks states that she does this to get her fans’ attention. The fans have been moving together with the couple since the beginning.

They were arguably the most solid couple in the whole show. And yet they broke up. Fans have followed both people since their massive breakup announcement through social media. These love island breakups have been messy for all the fans to keep up on social media. Cely unfollowed Johny on Instagram and deleted all the pictures after their breakup.

Even after the breakup, many fans did not like that Johny stayed with Cely in Hawaii after their split. Now, Johny is opening up about all the accusations against him from Love Island USA. And also, he is blasting out Cely for giving false news to fans to grab their attention.

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Johny’s Statement to clear accusations.

In an Instagram video, Johny cleared all the accusations and made it clear that the breakup was a mutual agreement and they haven’t spoken since January 6th 2021. With that said so quickly, he is very bothered by Cely constantly implying that “something negative” happened between them; seemingly, she is trying to manipulate the fan group by her side.

Johny also admits to using a clickbait title for his video to attract Love island fans. Also, he doesn’t see how that is seemingly bothering Cely so much. And when it comes to their infamous trip to Hawaii, Johny explained that Cely did pay for the journey as it was her Christmas gift to him.

It seems like this chapter of Love island USA has ended. Hopefully, both people can come to the same ground statements and solve the issue.

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