Is Cecily Strong Married: Her Romantic Life!

is cecily strong married

Author and performer Cecily Strong is well-known for her work on Saturday Night Live. Her time at SNL started in September of 2012 when she was introduced as a featured player. She joined Seth Meyers on Weekend Update the following season. At the request of the show’s producers, who wanted Strong to devote more time to regular cast members’ skits, Michael Che took over Weekend Update.

There are a number of cinema and television appearances by Strong. Beautiful and open about her romantic life, Cecily is a talented actor. Cecily is not married, but she is in a committed relationship, which we can confirm.

is cecily strong married

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At a 2019 Holiday Party, Cecily Met Her Boyfriend, Who She only Knows as “jack.”

When Cecily’s memoir This Will All Be Over Soon is published in August 2021, it will detail her relationship with Jack, whom she met at a 2019 holiday party. According to Strong, her friends had gotten sick and weary of attempting to fix her up with men. She says of her single life, “I’m doing fantastic!” Nonetheless, she decides to engage in conversation with the dashing mustachioed gentleman.

After spending the night together, he asks, “Can I give you my number?”

” A man named Jack writes his contact information and the name of an old receipt on the back of the latter. Jack is leaving for Cuba and Cecily is leaving for California in a month, neither of which bodes well for their continued communication. Strong quickly learns that Jack is a huge fan of women’s football.

As the threat of the coronavirus pandemic increases, the couple’s relationship strengthens. Jack suggests a way to help Cecily stop scratching at the skin under her nails whenever she’s feeling anxious on a night out. I’d rather have you feel like you can grasp my hand, Jack says. It’s one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said to me,” Cecily writes, “but I don’t tell him” (per Vulture).

After a long night of talking, the two decide to start dating when morning comes. Cecily is confused by the new romance because she expects her loving cousin Owen to pass away soon. As she elaborates:

“At first, the idea of meeting someone new while grieving the loss of a loved one seemed impossible. I anticipated that I would test his patience. He would need to give me space to mourn. Rather than bother trying, it’s easier to just give up now. But my loss of Owen was unprecedented, and I made a pact with Owen and myself to “let all the love be there along with the pain.”

For Cecily, Jack represents a present from Owen. Even more tragically, Owen dies, and Jack gets infected with the coronavirus. Strong’s emotional well-being drops. After writing, “I’m unhappy with him for not understanding why I continually need to know he’s okay,” Strong expresses her frustration. You might ask, “What if Jack dies?” Although Jack is now ill, he will recover. Cecilia expresses her gratitude to Owen for her new romantic relationship:

“During his lifetime, he taught me about love, and now he’s continuing to educate me about love in death.”

is cecily strong married

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She Dated Mike O’Brien, a Writer for Saturday Night Live.

Once upon a time, in 2014, Cecily dated SNL writer Mike O’Brien. They met while working on Saturday Night Live in 2014. Cecily was well aware of the stigma surrounding romantic involvement amongst coworkers but decided to move through with the relationship anyhow. Cecily addressed the topic in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

“Absolutely. Probably not a good idea. My father is a businessman, but he gave me the green light. It’s a fact of life. The good news is that I never get the impression that I’m harping on my job or whining too much.

Although the exact timing of their breakup remains unknown, the couple stopped updating their social media accounts about their romance in 2015.

To Further Complicate Matters, Strong Began Seeing an Unidentified Italian Man

In 2016, Cecily acknowledged the split from Mike by mentioning a mysterious Italian man she was seeing. “I was just in Rome,” she told Vanity Fair in an interview. I’m in love with an Italian. Back before I sprained my ankle in Ibiza, we had met in Seville, Spain.

Cecily revealed very little about her new boyfriend while talking at length about him. After that, she elaborated;

Good for him that he wants to become a diplomat. All of this is brand new. So, it’s hard to say if it’ll ever catch on. This is still a lot of fun, though. In certain ways, he reminds me of Roberto Benigni. It’s been two months of daily conversations between us. I assure you I won’t be making any hasty decisions. My inability to discuss it openly stems from my fear of appearing too invested emotionally.

Due to Strong’s silence, we can only speculate as to whether or not the connection continued past that point.

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