Is Brandi Carlile Gay? Breaking the Silence on Her Sexuality!

is brandi carlile gay

Brandi Marie Carlile is an American vocalist, songwriter, and producer whose music includes folk rock, alternative country, Americana, and classic rock, among others. Carlile has released seven studio albums as of 2021.

Is Brandi Carlile Gay?

Carlile has performed in numerous LGBTQ+ communities and has been an ardent supporter of the community. It causes admirers to question whether Brandi Carlile is homosexual. However, their speculation was entirely accurate. In a 2002 interview, Carlile discussed her sexual orientation and disclosed she identified as a lesbian.

She has been the most celebrated woman in the music industry despite this. Since Brandi Carlile’s sexual orientation became public knowledge, she has been an outspoken LGBTQ+ activist.

Who She Wedded

is brandi carlile gay

Since 2012, Brandi Carlile and Catherine Shepherd have been married. In September of that year, Carlile and Shepherd wed in Boston in front of family and acquaintances. Carlile announced the news on social media, adding that although she was ecstatic to be married, the week building up to the ceremony did not go as planned.

She wrote on Facebook, “I’m sure all weddings have an insane week preceding the event, but Catherine and I may have won the competition.” Bailey (the dog) had to be taken to the vet on our wedding day, and one of our goats had to be euthanized the day before.” (RIP Tim). To make matters worse, our clergyman did not show up!”

Fortunately, her church companions were able to perform the ceremony, and everyone had a “total blast.” She concluded, “It was without a doubt one of our best days, utterly awkward, human, and beautiful. Nothing has ever brought me more happiness than being married to my closest friend.

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Catherine Shepherd and Brandi Carlile Welcome Their Daughter Elijah

is brandi carlile gay

On March 18, 2018, Carlile and Shepherd welcomed their daughter Elijah. “But I will see all the wonders I have already witnessed a second time.” I am Elijah’s mother,” Carlile wrote alongside a portrait of her and a newborn Elijah on Instagram.

In contrast to their first pregnancy, the couple used IUI to conceive their second child.

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Catherine Shepherd Congratulates Brandi Carlile on Her First Grammy Award Victory

is brandi carlile gay

Shepherd was present to support Carlile at the 61st annual Grammy Awards, where Carlile gave a performance of “The Joke” that stole the show.

Carlile, the female performer with the most nominations of the evening, won three Grammys: Best Americana Album for By The Way, I Forgive You, Best American Roots Composition, and Best American Roots Performance for “The Joke.”

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