Is Blippi Gay? Exploring Controversy Surrounding Blippi’s Sexual Orientation!

is blippi gay

Stevin W. John, best known online as Blippi, is an American children’s entertainment and educator who appears on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. John was born on May 27, 1988. John plays the role of Blippi, a character with a youthful, enthusiastic, and inquisitive demeanor who constantly wears a blue and orange beanie cap, a blue shirt, orange suspenders, and an orange bow tie.

Is Blippi Gay?

All speculations and press reports portraying Blippi as gay are utterly untrue and unsupported by any evidence. No, Blippi is not gay. He has been very clear about the fact that he identifies as directly and isn’t homosexual or bisexual.

Is Blippi Married?

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Is Blippi in a relationship? is the question on everyone’s mind. Although Blippi hasn’t wed yet, he has a long-term partner in Alyssa Ingham, who is currently engaged. She may have been visible if you frequently viewed Blippi’s Instagram updates.

On the basis of Blippi’s social media updates, the two have been dating for a number of years. He has been sharing pictures of the couple on vacation or just hanging out. Using as an example a post from August 2019 with the caption “On the road with my girl and pooch!” Moreover, Blippi shared a video of himself enjoying a fantastic time at the beach with his partner in February 2020.

He has also posted a lot of pictures and videos throughout the years, demonstrating how committed their connection with Alyssa has been. Blippi shared pictures from the memorable occasion when he proposed to Alyssa in August 2021. The photos were taken in Malibu, California, on a beach. John got down on one knee and asked Alyssa to marry him. In the comments, people expressed their happiness and good wishes for him and Ingham as they proceeded toward marriage.

Does Blippi Have Any Children?

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Everyone wants to know who Blippi’s wife and children are. On March 9, 2022, Lochlan David John, the first child of Blippi and his fiance Alyssa Ingham, was born. They posted a stunning picture of the new family on Instagram along with the wonderful news. In October 2021, Stevin and Alyssa initially revealed that they were expecting a child. He then acknowledged that a boy was indeed on the way.


Blippi has also had relationships in the past. Yet, that information is private. The only relationship he has ever had that is documented online is with Alyssa Ingham.

There’s no denying it. Blippi is immediately aware that his wife Alyssa and kid Lochlan make up his adorable family.

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