Is Billy Joel Gay? The Real Story Behind Billy Joel’s Sexuality!

is billy joel gay

Billy Joel is one of the most successful musicians of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. In addition to his tremendous career spanning four decades, though, Joel is also well-known for his high-profile romances.

Is Billy Joel Gay?

is billy joel gay

Billy Joel is straight. Billy Joel has married Alexis Roderick, his longtime lover. Claire Mercuri, Joel’s publicist, reported that the couple surprised guests and exchanged vows at their annual July 4th party. This is their fourth marriage for Joel. Since 2009, Joel, 66, and Roderick, 34, have been a couple, and this summer they are expecting their first child.

Christie Brinkley, his ex-wife, shared well wishes on Instagram.

She said, “Congratulations to the radiant bride and groom.” Alexis is a good friend to my daughter Alexa. Wishing the expanding family all the best!” Alexa Ray Joel and actor Kevin James were present, along with other relatives and close friends.

Longtime friend New York Governor Andrew Cuomo presided over the wedding, which took place at Joel’s Long Island mansion. Joel, whose well-known tunes include “Piano Man,” “Big Shot,” and “Just The Way You Are,” is now on tour and breaking performance records.

Wednesday marked his 65th performance at Madison Square Garden, overtaking Elton John as the artist with the most performances at the arena.

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Billy Joel’s Past Relationships

Billy Joel and Elisabeth Weber

is billy joel gay

‘Just the Way You Are,’ ‘She’s Got a Way,’ and ‘She’s Always a Woman’ are believed to have been inspired by Billy Joel’s first wife Elizabeth Weber. Joel met Weber in 1970 through his friend and bandmate Jon Small, who at the time was married to her.

As their affair was discovered by Small, Weber ultimately left them both. Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel, delivers a lovely new tune titled “Seven Years.”

Later, Joel and Weber reconciled and married in 1973, inspiring his chart-topping tunes. Years later, in 1982, the couple divorced acrimoniously, with Weber’s brother being accused of taking millions from Joel.

The Celebrities Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley

is billy joel gay

The second wife of Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, is reported to have inspired the songs “This Is the Time” and “An Innocent Man.” After his divorce from Weber, the singer flew to St. Bart’s and began playing at a piano bar, where he met supermodels Elle MacPherson, Christie Brinkley, and singer Whitney Houston.

The extraordinary manner in which Billy Joel cares for his devoted fans more than any other musician. When Joel, who was 33 at the time, arrived home, he discovered that both MacPherson, 19, and Brinkley, 28, were vying for his love.

While he briefly dated MacPherson, he ultimately married Brinkley in 1985, and the couple welcomed their daughter Alexa Ray Joel the same year. This marriage inspired his ninth studio album, An Innocent Man, as well as the song “This Is the Time,” about a couple reflecting on their greatest days together.

The couple divorced in 1994, less than ten years after their wedding.

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Billy Joel and Elle MacPherson

Although Joel’s ex-girlfriend Brinkley starred in the music video for “Uptown Girl,” the song was originally about supermodel Elle MacPherson. According to rumors, the song’s original title was “Uptown Ladies,” and it was about Billy’s relationships with Elle, Christie, and other women.

Billy Joel and Katie Lee

is billy joel gay

After taking a break from relationships, Billy began dating culinary expert Katie Lee.

2004 was the year of their marriage. At the time, Billy was 55 and Katie was 23. This marriage terminated in 2009, five years later.

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