Is Ben Platt in A Relationship Check All Latest Updates Here in 2022

is ben platt in a relationship
Ben Platt and Booksmart star Noah Galvin Are Dating: 'It’s still relatively new' Credit: Noah Galvin/Instagram

They’re the only ones! Ben Platt and Noah Galvin’s friendship blossomed into romance as they spent time together in lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Ben and I are dating,” the Good Doctor star first stated on Ilana Levine’s “Little Known Things” podcast in May 2020. “I inquired of him this morning.” ‘Are we permitted to talk about this?’ I wondered. ‘Don’t get into our nitty-gritty, but others can know,’ he says. It’s still in its infancy.”

After confirming the news, the couple — who had both played the title character in Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen — kept their relationship quiet. They can’t seem to stop raving over one another, though.

“To cut a long tale short, Ben created a birthday video for me. During the podcast conversation, the Real O’Neals alum added, “Ben has been very kindly putting together this video for me for maybe three months.” “It’s all of my favorite drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and beyond wishing me a happy birthday, as well as all of my drag pals.”

Ben Platt Is Gushing Over His Bond with Noah Galvin, His Lover.

is ben platt in a relationshipIn a recent interview with Out magazine, the Dear Evan Hansen star, 27, revealed further information about his relationship with Booksmart actor Galvin, who he’s been seeing since last year.

Platt informed the source that he’s discovered “a partner that I truly adore, Noah Galvin, my boyfriend,” before discussing how Galvin helped him overcome his “anxiety and uncertainty” about repeating his role as Evan Hansen in his next film after performing the role on Broadway in 2016.

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“He has a really unique capacity to enable me to… be present where I am and to make the life that’s going on day to day too lovely to not want to be on the ground for it,” Platt said of his lover.

While the pair had been friends for years, it wasn’t until they were forced to live together during the epidemic that their friendship turned amorous. “We were friends for five years and just before the pandemic, we finally decided to actually give it a chance,” Platt said on The Kelly Clarkson Show in June, explaining how he and Galvin met.

“we Kind of Skated Around It for A Long Time,” He Continued.

is ben platt in a relationship

When COVID-19 was released, Platt and Galvin went from “zero to sixty,” as they began “living together with my parents in our old home and seeing each other all the time,” yet it turned out to be a “wonderful period.”

Platt told Clarkson that quarantine with Galvin during COVID-19 was difficult “”Being inside, being in the same room for like a year…,” she explains. He made it feel really unique and amazing.”

They’ve reportedly been buddies for five years but didn’t get together until 2020.

He’s Been in Front of The Camera Since He Was a Teenager.

is ben platt in a relationship

Noah began acting in 2013 and has since been in films such as Booksmart, Assassination Nation, and The Two Princes. Noah starred as Dr. Asher Wolke in the television series The Good Doctor and as Kenny O’Neal in the ABC sitcom The Real O’Neals.

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Noah Took up Ben’s Part in ‘dear Evan Hanson’ on Broadway.

Noah stepped in as Ben’s successor after he announced his departure from the lead role in Dear Evan Hansen, which earned him a Tony Award in 2017. Interestingly enough, Ben and Noah aren’t the only Evans in love! In November 2021, Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross, who also performed the part, celebrated their three-year anniversary.