Is Ashley Graham Pregnant? Is a New Addition Coming Soon?

is ashley graham pregnant 2023

Ashley Graham Ervin is a plus-size model and television host from the United States. Graham made her debut on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016, following a lifetime of modeling.

2023 Is Ashley Graham Pregnant?

is ashley graham pregnant 2023

There is currently no information regarding Tessa’s pregnancy. Graham gave birth to his son on January 18, 2020. She revealed their second pregnancy in July 2021, which turned out to be identical twin boys. Graham gave birth to the twins at home in January 2022.

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How Did Ashley Graham and Their Husband Justin Ervin Meet?

is ashley graham pregnant 2023

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Graham and Ervin met in the most improbable location for a model and a filmmaker to meet: “Porn Sunday” at church. Graham revealed in 2016 that their church had various themes, and on that day, “ex-porn stars spoke to the crowd about how porn ruined their lives.” Graham was volunteering as a greeter at the elevator, and Ervin entered with a companion.

She heard a voice remark, “If you don’t talk to her, I will,” after which her buddy exited the elevator. Graham rode up and down a few times with Ervin, and at first, she did not consider him to be her type. But, he was humorous, and intelligent, and appeared to peer into her soul as they conversed.

Graham was surprised when Ervin handed her the check on their first official date (coffee) together. She had already paid for her share and was prepared to cut him off. But, he encouraged her to go out again and asked if he could explain himself. “I’ll be paying for supper tonight. And I’ll pay for the following dinner as well.

She recalls him stating, “When you told me you were a model, I imagined you were one of those gorgeous ladies that use men for a fancy dinner.” “I do not engage in that game. I have been burned as a result of my success. I don’t want to go out with anybody who merely wants to spend money with me.” She was astounded by his openness and communication skills.

So she continued to see him. “My relationship with Justin was lovely and innocent,” “She stated. “Together, we went rollerblading and bicycling, performed karaoke, went to the movies, and took an improv class. We never gave in to temptation by going to each other’s residences late at night since we weren’t sleeping together; for Justin, abstinence was a strong commitment to his faith. They did not have sexual relations till they were married.

What Does Justin Ervin, Do for a Living?

is ashley graham pregnant 2023

On his Instagram page, Ervin labels himself a producer and a “filmmaker at large.” His website defines him more precisely as a director, cinematographer, and image creator. His parents, sister, and brother raised him in Georgia, and he holds a Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

In 2013, he founded Elements, a company dedicated to “excellence in digital motion picture imagery. He has worked with Vogue, CNN, Adobe, and Guess, among others, and has also produced his own short films. His short documentary, Elephant in the Room, was awarded multiple festival prizes.

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