Is Ari Melber Gay? The Answer May Surprise You!

is ari melber gay

Ari Melber is an American attorney and Emmy-winning journalist who serves as MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent and anchor of The Beat.

Is Ari Melber Gay?

is ari melber gay

There are numerous allegations claiming that Ari Melber is homosexual. Many inquiries have been made about his romantic life and sexual orientation. Yet, Ari Melber is not Gay. According to the Married Biographical website, he is heterosexual and has been married once. From 2014 to 2017, he was married to a journalist named Drew Grant. Since their 2017 divorce, Ari is reportedly seeing actress Alexandra Daddario.

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Alexandra Daddario Has Been Romantically Linked to Ari

By August 2018, Ari had been romantically linked to the actress Alexandra Daddario. When they were spotted enjoying lunch together at Café Habana Malibu, dating rumors began to circulate. They completed their date with a kiss near Alexandra’s car.

Later in the month, Alexandra informed Access Online that she was “in a good place” personally and professionally. She also discussed dating in her thirties.

She told the outlet, “You know, you go through your twenties working extremely hard, and by your early thirties, you sort of know yourself better.” “You are aware of your romantic desires. You’ve made mistakes.”

Hmmm. Could this possibly be code for “I’m dating Ari Melber”? This is what some individuals believed.

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This Discovery, for The Record, Devastated ‘Baywatch’ Fans

is ari melber gay

After the release of Baywatch in May 2017, fans paired Alexandra with her co-star Zac Efron. It makes sense, given that Matt and Summer were a popular couple in the remake movie.

In May of that year, in response to dating rumors, Alexandra told People, “We’re extremely good friends.” “Zac and I have worked together and are excellent friends.”

Their occasionally lighthearted reactions to whether they were dating in real life further fueled the rumors.

“We work closely together; he is my romantic interest in the film. I see why people would go wild about something like that, but Zac and I are extremely good friends,” she told E! News at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, before adding, “We would have children with very blue eyes, wouldn’t we?”

Because Ari strives to keep his personal life quiet, it is difficult to determine whether he and Alexandra are still dating, if he is now seeing someone else, or if the journalist is happily single. (If you look at his social media sites, you’ll see that he doesn’t allow anything about his dating life to get by.)

Until Ari awakens one day and decides to share this aspect of his life with his followers, or he’s observed kissing someone in a public place, it’s likely that his relationship status will remain a mystery. And what do you know? Well done to him.

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