Is Angie Goff Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Headlines!

is angie goff pregnant

American broadcast journalist Angie Goff, born in South Korea, works for WTTG in the nation’s capital. Goff is also the author of the widely read blog OhMyGoff, which is notable for its frequent displays of user-created content. She also filled in as the host of NBC’s Early Today when necessary.

Is Angie Goff Pregnant?

is angie goff pregnant

Angie Goff, of the evening news, is indeed expecting a child. Robert Ellis, Angie’s pediatric dentist husband, practices in South Carolina, where the couple lives. In April 2008, the two tied the knot. They have three wonderful kids: Adora, Robert, and Wren.

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Education by Angie Goff

Goff spent her freshman and sophomore years as a guard for the basketball team at Seoul American High School. After that, in 1995, she uprooted to Herndon, Virginia, where she eventually graduated as the president of her high school’s senior class. Goff attended George Mason University, where she pledged to the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority while pursuing her Bachelor of Arts.

Job History of Angie Goff

is angie goff pregnant

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OhMyGoff blogger Goff is a staff member at Fox 5 DC who frequently features user-generated content. Goff has been reporting on events in the nation’s capital for almost ten years. She has documented everything from Iowa caucuses to the hurricanes in South Carolina and even the royal wedding in England.

Network and local newscasts that Angie hosted included coverage of the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, the visit of Pope Francis to the United States, and the tragedy at a church in Charleston.

As a self-described “people person,” Angie delights in meeting new neighbors and keeping in touch with them through her various online platforms. The Oh My Goff Show,” a vibrant, funky podcast on Youtube and Apple Podcasts, is produced and hosted by her.

Before joining FOX5, she worked as an anchor at NBC Washington, where she occasionally filled in as a host on TODAY, Early TODAY, and MSNBC. The George Mason University alum started her career at Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles. She then traveled to Iowa and South Carolina as part of her fledgling media career, before settling back in the nation’s capital.

Relatives of Angie Goff

Jenny Goff and Tricia Driscoll are Goff’s sisters. The documentation we have on Goff’s parents is being reviewed. But, we will make sure that the data is updated as soon as it becomes available.

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