Is Ana Gabriel Lesbian? A New Chapter in Her Life and Music Career!

is ana gabriel lesbian

Ana Gabriel is the stage name of Mara Guadalupe Araujo Yong, a Mexican singer, and songwriter. Throughout her lengthy career, she has performed a variety of musical genres and garnered numerous honors. As a result, she has been called La Diva de América and La Luna de América.

Is Ana Gabriel Lesbian

is ana gabriel lesbian

Wikipedia indicates that she is asexual. Ana Gabriel, a 59-year-old Mexican singer, has been plagued by speculations about her sexuality for years, however, according to the website of the magazine TV Notas, it appears that the artist has decided to end this dispute and clarify the rumors about his sexuality.

The Mexican magazine notes that in the middle of a performance at the Banamex Auditorium in Monterrey, the singer revealed: “that she is as asexual as the angels.”

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Early Years

On December 10, 1955, Mara Guadalupe Araujo Yong was born in Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico. The only singing instruction she received was from her grandfather Roberto Yong, a Chinese immigrant, and her maternal grandfather.

She made her stage debut at the age of six, performing “Regalo A Dios” by José Alfredo Jiménez. She moved to Baja California’s Tijuana and studied accounting there. In 1977, at age 21, she recorded her debut single, named “Compréndeme.”

Performing Career

is ana gabriel lesbian

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In the following years, Ana toured Mexico and published her debut album, “Un Estilo,” in 1985, followed by “Sagitario” in 1986. Ana traveled to Lisbon, Portugal in 1987 to compete at the Oti Festival, where she sang the orchestral version of “Ay Amour” and earned third place.

In 1988, Ana’s album “Tierra de Nadie” was released, gaining her prominence. The following year, she released “Quien Como Tu,” which became a hit and made her prominent in Mexico.

With the exception of 1998, Ana released an album every year during the ’90s, including the famous “Ayer y Hoy” (1994), “Joyas de Dos Siglos” (1995), and “Con un Mismo Corazon” (1997).

Ana launched her album “Eternamente” in 2000, which was filled with mariachi love songs and featured her singing and playing the guitar alone. She released five additional albums in the 2000s, including “Dulce y Salado” (2003), “Tradicional” (2004), and “Renacer… Homenaje a Lucha Villa” (2009).

Ana did not rerelease any new music until 2020 when she released her most recent album, “Por Amor an Ustedes.”

Honors and Awards

Ana was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1991 for Best Latin Pop Performance for her album “Quien Como Tu,” as well as four Latin Grammy Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2008.

Between 1989 and 2006, Ana was nominated for 29 Lo Nuestro Awards and won 13, including Pop Album of the Year in 1990 for “Tierra de Nadie”, Best Pop Female Artist in 1993, and Achievement Award in 2006.

Ana received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 3, 2021.

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