Is Allie Corey Pregnant? Unveiling the Truth About the Rumored Pregnancy!

is allie corey pregnant

Popular actress Allie Corey, known for her captivating performances, has recently been the subject of pregnancy rumors. Fans and the media alike are anxious to learn whether the rumors are true. In this article, we will investigate the situation and scrutinize the evidence to determine whether Allie Corey is indeed pregnant.

Is Allie Corey Pregnant?

Despite the pervasive rumors, neither Allie Corey nor her representatives have confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors in an official statement. It is common for celebrities to keep their personal lives private, particularly when it comes to intimate matters such as pregnancy. Consequently, the lack of official confirmation adds uncertainty to the situation.

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Allie Corey Marriage

Corey is married to her senior portfolio manager spouse at Insight Global, Lucas Corey. In May of 2019, Allie and Lucas welcomed their first child, Kingston. Two years later, he became an older sibling, and each male in the Corey family was born in the same month.

Allie stated that Kingston is presently spending time with his “Amma,” but she cannot wait for them to meet. Here is Kingston’s television debut from two years ago, as a throwback to the past. We cannot wait to see more of the second child!

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Allie Corey Is a Member of The KSDK

is allie corey pregnant

She began working at the station in August 2016. Allie served as a co-anchor alongside Rene Knott on the weekday morning program 5 On Your Side, which aired from 5 to 7 a.m. She subsequently departed the station in May of 2022. Prior to joining KSDK News, she worked for ABC News in the Providence, Rhode Island Area from September 2011 until April 2016. Allie began her career there as a multi-media journalist and general assignment correspondent. In addition, she wrote, edited, shot, and hosted programs for stations 5, 6, and 11 PM until February 2012.

Then, Allie was promoted to a morning news anchor position. Here, she hosted the 2-hour morning newscast for the station. Until August 2013, she also produced and anchored the Noon program and was responsible for special reports. In addition, Allie was promoted to 5 p.m. news anchor and reporter.

Until August 2014, she was responsible for breaking the day’s top stories and hosting the 5 p.m. newscast during her tenure at the station. In addition, Allie was promoted to evening anchor, a position she held until her departure from the station in April 2016.

From August 2010 to August 2011, she worked as a news correspondent for WCJB TV20 in Gainesville, Florida. From June to August 2009, Allie began her journalism career in the Greater New York City Area as an intern at Entertainment Tonight. Her responsibilities included serving as a prompter, requesting stories, composing interview questions, and participating in field filming.

Allie Corey Income

She earns a monthly salary as a news anchor for FOX13 News. Allie earns an annual salary of $75,232 on average.

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