Is Alex Scott Pregnant? Pregnancy Rumors Take Center Stage!

is alex scott pregnant

Alex Scott, a former professional soccer player, and current sports commentator, has recently been the subject of allegations regarding his personal life. Fans and the media alike have been speculating whether or not Alex Scott is expectant. This article investigates the rumors and the truth behind the conjecture surrounding Scott’s potential pregnancy.

Is Alex Scott Pregnant?

is alex scott pregnant

No, Alex Scott is not pregnant. In actuality, the sports commentator and host are unmarried. Therefore, any rumors and speculations that she is expectant are entirely false. Her social media accounts contain no clues that she is pregnant.

On the subject of marriage and children, she told Grazia magazine, “I would adore that, but if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. I will turn 40 in two years. I actually forgot about that.”And people are like, ‘Oh, you need to start thinking about having babies.’ I’ve always been the type of person to say, “No, I’m not prepared. When it feels right, I’ll know I’m prepared.'”

Alex continued when asked about the possibility of starting a family on her own, “If I felt like that and reached a certain point in my life – yes.

“Becoming a mother genuinely excites me. Yeah. I feel as though I’m getting closer to it as the years go by. I am aware that I feel that intensely.”

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Who Has Alex Scott Dated?

is alex scott pregnant

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Alex has disclosed she had a secret long-term relationship with fellow Lionesses star Kelly Smith when she was a young player, despite normally keeping her romantic life relatively private.

Kelly is six years older than Alex. They met in 2005 when they both played for Arsenal. In 2009, they migrated to the United States and signed with the Boston Breakers. Three years later, they returned to the United Kingdom and joined the Women’s Great Britain football team at the London Olympics.

Kelly is married with two children to management consultant DeAnna Dobosz. It is uncertain how long they were together. Several years ago, Alex was also connected to Corrie actor Sam Robertson. The couple was observed spending an intimate evening at a restaurant.

Alex and Sam were reportedly having a “great time” after being spotted enjoying a “cozy candlelit meal” at the Dead Street Townhouse restaurant in Soho. However, during a conversation about a dating program on The One program in February 2022, Alex admitted: “I know I’m single – don’t!”

In 2019, Alex also denied having a romantic relationship with her Strictly Come Dancing companion Neil Jones.

Neil, whose marriage to Katya ended, stated, “There’s nothing else on our minds but the show – we don’t have time to think about anything else.” Alex has never disclosed her sexual orientation, but those closest to her say she is amenable to dating both men and women. According to a source, Alex dates both males and women and does not self-identify in any way.

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