What’s Aiden Bryant’s Sexual Orientation?

is aiden bryant gay

Aerial artistry is a growing interest for Aidan Bryant. Aidan was born and reared in the American state of Virginia.

Aidan Bryant was only 14 years old, he was inspired to study and do acrobatics after watching a YouTube video of Pink’s aerial dance at a concert. He did so using only a bedsheet from his grandmother’s wardrobe, a ladder, and a tree in the backyard. To the tune of Ruelle’s “Game of Survival,” Bryant performed an aerial act on a triangle raised high above the stage in Episode AS02’s Preliminary performance.

He received a standing ovation from both Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. He made it into the night’s Top 3 thanks to the support of the Superfans. Because of the votes he garnered, he beat off Divyansh & Manuraj and Vitoria Bueno to make it to the Grand Finale.

How About Aidan Bryant? Is He Gay?

is aiden bryant gay

The sexual orientations of celebrities are a popular topic for rumor mills. Aidan Bryant, a well-known celebrity, is included on the roster. Whether Aidan Bryant identified as homosexual, straight, or bisexual is unknown.

Aidan Bryant has not publicly come out as gay or disclosed his sexual orientation.

Like many famous people, there are rumors that he is gay, but these are just that: rumors. It’s hard to say for sure unless Andi affirms or disclaims.

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Aidan Bryant’s Age and Wikipedia

is aiden bryant gay

In the year 2021, Aidan Bryant will be 16 years old and is still in the throes of his adolescence. Meanwhile, we haven’t gathered all the details about his birthday just yet.

A few years ago, Aidan was moved to create his own aerial dance after seeing a concert by the international superstar PINK. Since then, Aidan has put in sufficient effort to make it through AGT’s audition stages and into the show’s final round.

He performed his best in the final round on September 15, and the results will be released soon. Aidan has, without a doubt, held the interest of the AGT judges and audiences from the day of his audition until the day of the finale.

He’s in the running to take home the $1 million prize, and he has a good chance of doing so.

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Insta-Follow Aidan Bryant!

Aidan Bryant, who tweets under the handle @aidanb.ryant, has amassed an impressively large following of 18k people. It’s remarkable that a kid his age has garnered so much attention and admiration for his work.

Similar to how his aerial dance skills have made him a viral sensation on YouTube, he has also become a sensation on other social media sites.

His YouTube audition for America’s Got Talent has received over 225,000 views and has been dubbed an “Epic Performance.” Also, he’s one of the most talked-about AGT competitors this year on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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