Is Abbie Cornish Pregnant? Exploring Abbie Cornish’s Possible Pregnancy!

is abbie cornish pregnant

Abbie Cornish, the gifted Australian actress known for her work in films such as “Bright Star” and “Limitless,” has been the subject of pregnancy rumors recently. Fans and media outlets have speculated on whether or not the actress is expecting a kid. In this piece, we’ll go into the specifics to see if these rumors are true.

Is Abbie Cornish Pregnant?

is abbie cornish pregnant

The rumors that the famous actress is expecting a child in 2023 continue to spread. However, there is no confirmation of pregnancy by her. Abbie’s fans assumed she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, actor Ryan Phillippe. The actress’s baby bump was allegedly discovered by the media after she gained weight. A deeper look at her recent Instagram photos reveals no difference in her body weight. She’s also as fit as she used to be.

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Is She Suffering from A Eating Disorder?

is abbie cornish pregnant

Although admirers have noted that Abbie Cornish has gained weight throughout the years, the reason for this has remained unknown. However, the entire scenario changed when they suggested that she might have had an eating disorder. As of now, neither the actress nor any official media sources have confirmed the report. As a result, it emerged as a misleading and inaccurate assumption of internet users. However, things are not yet settled because her sister Isabelle Cornish suffered from an eating condition. Is Abbie Cornish’s weight gain also tied to an eating disorder?

Abbie’s younger sister, on the other hand, has spoken out about her complicated connection with her body image. Her issues with compulsive eating caused her a great deal of stress and emotional instability. She developed a healthy relationship with food over time, and the Puberty Blues star has now made it her passion. In addition, Isabelle finished her personal training course. Hunger is defined differently by her, as it is not only bodily but also emotional and spiritual.

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Abbie Cornish Is Engaged to MMA Fighter

is abbie cornish pregnant

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Abbie Cornish is officially off the market!

The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri actress confirmed her engagement to MMA fighter Adel Altamimi on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

Cornish, 36, said besides a close-up image of her hand displaying the stunning engagement ring, “An item of beauty is a joy forever” John Keats. ❤️ My love, you’ve completely swept me off my feet. I’ve been expecting you. “Yes, the answer is yes!”

“And may God continue to share this light and love with us forever in his arms,” she added. “May this day be blessed for you. This is an anniversary we will never forget! 😉 “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.” Cornish had just praised her partner on Instagram, adding, “I respect you so much.” “The light that you see is the light that you give.”

Cornish isn’t afraid to express her feelings for Altamimi, 29, regularly posting images of him with lovely notes on social media. Days after announcing her engagement, she captioned a solitary photo of the sportsman, “You are the man of my dreams.”

Altamimi is well-known in Hollywood, as he is buddies with Chris Pratt. Pratt and the MMA fighter practice at the same gym in Los Angeles, and Pratt has frequently shown his appreciation for the fighter on social media.

“I’m really proud of my brother for his incredible triumph tonight. He made a big impression in his @bellatormma debut. God is good, as he will tell you!!!” Pratt captioned a photo of the two celebrating Altamimi’s Bellator victory in January. Altamimi has an unusual past, having driven convoys for the Marines before being abducted by Al-Qaeda. He was eventually saved by his fellow Marines and returned to the United States, where he began his sporting career.

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