Iran’s top leader states battling virus trumps other issues

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s supreme leader Saturday encouraged police to prioritize public health over any economic or safety issues, amid the Mideast’s worst epidemic of this coronavirus.

Iran’s death toll in the worldwide pandemic topped 32,000 this past week. The government has a complete lockdown stressing it would further stabilize its market, already diminished by unprecedented U.S. sanctions.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told officials during an interview with the nation’s leading counter-coronavirus committee which”the most important priority in conclusion is people’s wellbeing.”

Khamenei urged”all associations” to follow the health ministry’s instructions to assist limit the virus’ spread,”regardless of other factors.”

Many hardliner lawmakers have criticized Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s direction of this pandemic and required his resignation. Rouhani is currently a reformist politician and championed Tehran’s atomic deal with world forces, which started falling following the U.S.’s continuing withdrawal.

Lawmaker Mojtaba Zolnouri, who heads parliament’s powerful committee for national security and international policy, known as on his Twitter accounts for Rouhani’s”hanging a million days until people’s hearts have been happy.”

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Khamenei indirectly convicted such inflammatory statements at the assembly, calling it”wrong” He explained there’s a gap between criticisms and insults.

Iran struck its single-day passing toll album on Monday, also listed successive daily disease drops on Tuesday and Wednesday — once back Friday.

A leading health official worried that this week that the real number of deaths in the epidemic is probable 2.5 times greater.

On Saturday, the Internal wellness ministry set the official death toll in COVD-19 in 32,320, including 335 casualties in the previous twenty-four hours. )

Health ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari increased the complete number of verified instances to 562,705.

Khamenei included that the government’s control of this pandemic is extremely important.

“In certain nations, like the United States, the oddest direction was implemented. But we have to attempt to pass this episode, which can be associated with people’s lifestyles and wellbeing and their safety and market, together with the ideal direction,” he explained.


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Iranian health ministry Saeed Namaki stated in the assembly that the pandemic may just be controlled by implementing tighter restrictions.

“We have to curtail the disorder from enforcing regulations and rebuilding legal limitations,” he explained.

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