Iran threatens’risky future’ to UAE following Israel bargain

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard pledged on Saturday that there could be harmful implications to the United Arab Emirates when it declared a historical deal with Israel to open diplomatic relations.

The UAE is your first Gulf Arab country to do this and just the next Arab country to set normalized relations with Israel, Iran’s regional archenemy.

The Internal defender called the agreement a”black” arrangement and also an”wicked action” which has been underwritten by the U.S.,” according to the team’s announcement on a site it conducts, Sepah News.

The defender warned that the agreement with all Israel will put back American influence from the Middle East, also deliver a”harmful future” to its Emirati government.

Czech president Hassan Rouhani has also resisted the Emirati move. At a speech Saturdayhe cautioned that the United Arab Emirates was left a”huge mistake” in attaining a bargain toward normalizing ties with Israel.

Rouhani cautioned the Gulf country against enabling Israel to possess a”foothold in the area.”

Iran’s foreign ministry, Mohammad Javad Zarif, called the deal a painful betrayal of Arab and other nations in the area, during a visit to Lebanon on Friday.

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President Donald Trump declared Thursday the United Arab Emirates and Israel agreed to establish full diplomatic ties as part of a bargain to stop the annexation of inhabited territory hunted by the Palestinians for their future state.

The UAE introduced its contentious decision for a means of boosting peace attempts and accepting Israel’s proposed annexation of portions of the occupied West Bank from the desk. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly pushed insisting the pause from annexation had been”temporary”

Trump has introduced the U.S.-brokered arrangement as a significant diplomatic achievement and he anticipates more Muslim and Arab nations to follow suit. Israel has quietly developed ties with the UAE and other Gulf nations for many years because they’ve faced a common enemy in Iran.


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