iPhone XR2 is far better than Google Pixel 3A due to these amazing features

iphone XR2 vs Google pixel 3A

iPhone XR2 vs Google Pixel 3A

Given that the Google Pixel 3A is currently the most affordable stock Android phones, Apple will still give stiff competition. Apple, since the beginning, has found the ability to attract its buyers to use new iPhones. And this is something that made the company a fortune. Given that the new iPhones are expensive, people still prefer buying the iPhone, mainly for its ecosystem.

Google’s Pixel 3A is the cheapest premium phone. Moreover, 3A is accessible in the market, and it comes with a wireless range of headphones. When it comes to wireless headphones, Apple AirPods is the clear winner. And Google is always going to envy Apple AirPods. Guess, Apple should finally provide AirPods bundled with the forthcoming iPhone XR.

Features on Apple iPhone XR2 that will make look like a shadow

It is tough to beat Google Pixel 3A when it comes to the camera because the phone sports the best camera in a smartphone till date, sorry Nokia Lumia 1040 PureView. But in case of design, speed, and robust performance, Google Pixel 3A doesn’t stand a chance.

Performance of iPhone XR2 will be better than Pixel 3A.

Two of the previous Pixel devices showed that is terms of performance Google has a room for improvements. The specs of Google Pixel 3A are very much less demanding, but there is a little room for sluggish performance. And this is the area where Apple iPhone XR2 will make sure that Google Pixel 3A despite its budget appeal cannot overperform XR2.

Apple iPhone XR2 will mesmerize people with its good looks.

As far as aesthetics are concerned Pixel 3A looks more like an ordinary device. Apple may use the same design as the XR, but it will come with a dual camera set up. Additionally, Apple should make new improvements in term of thickness to make the device look sleeker.

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