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The 2019 Apple iPhones are not going to sport revolutionary innovations and designs. Nevertheless, the Cupertino tech giant is trying its best to curate the best iPhone to compete in the market. A recent leak states that Apple might choose a more significant and robust battery for the next-gen iPhone XR. It is safe to say that even the first generation of iPhone XR had a better battery -backup.

Three new iPhones will surface in the September event.

Apple will release two new versions of iPhone XS series, along with second-gen iPhone XR, the iPhone XR 2. The present-day Apple iPhone XR packs a 2942 mAh battery which already gives an excellent battery backup. According to Daniel Petrox, Apple has given Amperex Technology in China a contract to curate new batteries for future iPhones, mainly the battery of iPhone XR 2.

By the looks of it, Amperex Technologies is the same company that provided Samsung with new Note 7 batteries after the infamous blasting of Samsung’s SDI batteries. The new battery for iPhone XR will feature a 3110 mAh battery. So far, the battery capacity of the forthcoming iPhone XR 2 is of the highest capacity in comparison with other iPhones.

Will the new battery capacity of Apple iPhone XR 2 benefit the users?

There is no official confirmation which suggests how long will the new battery for iPhone XR 2 last. Until and unless a third party conducts testing on the battery, nothing is for sure.

There might be a highly likely chance that Apple increased the battery capacity to power the new dual-camera. The transition from 2942 mAh to 3110 mAh might not look like that there is a vast difference. However, Apple iPhone devices are quite optimized devices; hence, even a slight increase in battery capacity will make a huge difference.

The iPhone XR 2 will feature an Apple A13 SoC of 7nm which would consume a lot of battery.

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