iPhone 13 Pro Max Dummy Model suggests Smaller Notch

iPhone 13 Pro Max Dummy Model suggests Smaller Notch
iPhone 13 Pro Max Dummy Model suggests Smaller Notch

The iPhone 13 is expected to arrive later this year with more or less the same design. However, we expect Apple to reduce the notch size on this generation by moving the speaker, and a dummy model taken in hand by the Youtuber Unbox Therapy shows us what it might look like.

The Youtuber Unbox Therapy received a dummy model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. These models are usually sent to accessory manufacturers prior to Apple’s official announcement of a new iPhone, so they can design custom shells.

As Unbox Therapy said in the video, the dummy model presented is not an official version of the device, but rather a model that tries to reproduce the official version, both in the materials in which it is built, as well as in the design.

Apple Moves Front Speaker To Reduce Notch Size

One of the biggest design changes we expect to see this year is a reduction in notch size. To reduce this, Apple would have moved the front speaker as part of the device. On current models, it is in the middle of the notch.

A video recently gave us an overview of the design of Apple’s future flagship,but the handling of Unbox Therapy allows us to better visualize what the smartphone will look like.

Few other reports suggest the iPhone 13 would use a 5.35 mm notch in height, compared to 5.30 mm on the iPhone 12. Its width would increase from 34.83 mm to 26.80 mm on the new model.

On the back of the smartphone, you can see that it has much wider photosensors than on the current iPhone 12 Pro Max. We can therefore expect a significant improvement in the quality of the photos on this generation since they should in theory be able to capture more light. Low-light photos could therefore be improved.

Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max should be slightly thicker than its predecessor, especially because of the new LTPO 120 Hz display that will be provided by Samsung.