Apple iPad Pro 2021: Where to pre-order?

Apple iPad Pro 2021: Where to pre-order?
Apple iPad Pro 2021: Where to pre-order?

The all-new iPad Pro M1 was unveiled at Apple’s latest keynote on May 21, 2021. The new iPad’s are available for preorder from various websites.

On Apple’s official website, the 5th generation iPad Pro M1 is available at the best price, with the option of adding custom engraving with emojis and text. The new iPad Pro 2021 is already available for pre-order from retailers such as, Amazon and Best Buy.

Apple iPad Pro 2021: Where to pre-order?
Apple iPad Pro 2021

What Are The Differences Between iPad Pro M1 Models?

The 11-inch iPad Pro features a new Liquid Retina XDR display along with ProMotion technologies, True Tone display and ultra-low reflectance. And the 12.9-inch model, Apple has equipped it with an anti-reflective coating that allows it to be used in all conditions as well as a wide range of P3 colors.

The 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display offers deep blacks (1,000,000:1) and higher brightness (1,600 nits vs. 600 nits for the Liquid Retina display). They both use OLED technology. The 12.9-inch screen resolution is also higher: 2,732 x 2,048, or 5.6 million pixels versus 2,388 x 1,668, or 3.98 million pixels for the 11-inch model.

The M1 chip is the most significant upgrade in the current iPad Pro lineup. Apple is using the most powerful chipset on the iPad Pro, much as it is on the new iPad Pro 2021. 

Both versions have the same RAM size, which is 8GB. Only the storage space, which ranges from 128GB to 2TB, justifies the price gap between the models, as does the wireless access, which includes a Wi-Fi model and a Wi-Fi-Cellular model.

Price of 11-inch iPad Pro 2021

  • 128GB: $799 / £749 / AU$1,199
  • 256GB: $899 / £849 / AU$1,349
  • 512GB: $1099 / £1,049 / AU$1,649
  • 1TB: $1499 / £1,399 / AU$2,249
  • 2TB: $1899 / £1,749 / AU$2,849

Price of 12.9-inch of iPad Pro 2021

  • 128GB: $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,649
  • 256GB: $1,199 / £1,099 / AU$1,799
  • 512GB: $1,399 / £1,299 / AU$2,099
  • 1TB: $1,799 / £1,649 / AU$2,699
  • 2TB: $2,199 / £1,999 / AU$3,299

Wifi Or Wi-fi-Cellular: Which Model To Choose?

The Wi-Fi model would suit your needs if you’re using your iPad Pro M1 mostly at home and probably in public places such as cafes, libraries, train stations, and airports. Wi-Fi 6 technology is standard on all versions, ensuring the best wireless connectivity possible.

Apple iPad Pro 2021: Where to pre-order?
Apple iPad Pro 2021

On the other hand, you want to take your new iPad Pro with you everywhere you go, particularly for work, and still have an internet connection, the Wi-Fi-Cellular model is the best option. For the record, the M1 chip supports 5G speeds. It’s the guarantee that you’ll still have a super-fast connection, no matter where you go.

The eSIM helps you to establish a cellular link from your iPad without committing to a long-term contract. You may also use a SIM card that has been enabled with an operator.

Where to pre-order iPad Pro 2021?

You can pre-order iPad Pro 2021 at the official Apple website right away. For other retailers, the pre-order pages are going live today, and we’ve mentioned a few of them below.

These US retailers are taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro 2021,

These UK retailers are taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro 2021,

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