Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?

Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?
Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?

Directed by Adam Salky, Intrusion is a thriller movie streaming on Netflix. It stars Frieda Pinto and Logan Marshal in the lead role as they play the characters of Meera and Henry respectively.

As far as the film goes, there’s nothing extraordinary on the plate. And if you have doubts about it, you can check its reviews and ratings. It is a typical Netflix thriller that is worth one watch and pretty forgettable.

Despite the deficiencies, Intrusion does present an interesting twist in the end. Let us find out as we discuss the Intrusion ending explained and break down its final moments.

Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?

Intrusion Plot

The couple of Henry and Meera move to their new house. It was constructed by Henry and the couple is pretty excited to settle into their new stay place. However, such a setting means only one thing; things are about to get crazy.

When the couple returns from a date, they see their house in shambles. Surprisingly, few things get stolen and that happen to be only laptops and mobile phones. Henry reports to the police as a case of burglary and nothing comes out of it.

Few days pass and the same group of people breaks into the house. But this time, the couple is present in the house. One thing leads to another and things get ugly.

Henry’s Secret

At the time of the invasion, Henry and Meera are sleeping. Upon hearing the noises, Henry instructs Meera to leave the house and wait outside. He grabs the gun which he had hidden from Meera and goes to confront the burglars.

Meera hears few gunshots and believes that Henry might’ve gotten hurt. However, he comes out unscathed by killing the burglars. This event of course puts Meera into jeopardy and makes her question Henry’s identity.

The Burglars

The police inform that the burglars belonged to the same family and their daughter had gone missing. One of the members is still alive and being treated at the hospital. One evening, Henry goes out to take the groceries but takes a different route and Meera decides to follow him.

In mid-way, she meets with an accident and the next day finds herself in bed. The next day, they find that one burglar who was still alive died. This makes Meera question the location that Henry went to last night.

Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?

Intrusion Ending Explained – Did Meera Kill Henry?

Meera decides to visit the house of Burglars to find some evidence. She finds a cam recorder with a video stored in it. Upon playing the video, the father says that Henry has kidnapped his daughter and kept her in his house.

This was the reason they posed as burglars to look for the girl. Meera immediately rushes to the house and looks for a building plan to find a hidden room. She locates it and turns out Christine, the daughter of the family was indeed confined in it.

Meera immediately breaks her out of the hold but it’s too late. Henry arrives and begins to explain he has a disorder or obsessive controlling behavior. He likes the feeling of being superior to others, hence the kidnapped Christine.

Even though he didn’t do anything to her apart from keeping her confined, Meera still thought he was a dangerous person. To break out of his hold, Meera kills him and saves Christine.

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