Intel is planning to sell its Sports technology business

Intel is planning to sell its Sports technology business
Intel is planning to sell its Sports technology business "True View"

According to the latest news, Intel is thinking of selling off its sports technology group that works on projects like the True View cameras. True View cameras create a 360-degree video in more than 19 NFL stadiums for broadcasters. Sportico reported the news first. As per the publishing company, the news is based on “multiple people familiar with the matter.”

It should be noted that the primary project of True View is Intel Sports Group which comes with cameras installed in 20 NFL team’s home stadiums. For example, The Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams share SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Apart from this technology is present in eight NBA home stadiums and in more than 10 soccer stadiums around the globe. It uses multiple cameras to create replay from volumetric data and shows it from numerous angles.

Intel is planning to sell its Sports tech business “True View”

Sportico reported that Intel “declined to comment on rumors and speculations”. As per reports, in order to help explore the sale to possibly tech firms, media companies, and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), Intel has reportedly retained the investment bank PJT Partners. The Sports Group was formed in 2016. At that time, Intel acquired Replay Technologies and Voke to help this business.

Last November, Intel shut Intel Studios. Intel Studio had a 10,000 square-foot stage in Los Angeles with more than one hundred 8K cameras. At the time, Intel told Protocol that sports would be one of the driving forces behind the technology.

Intel stated, “we believe that the future of sports content will be driven by volumetric technology, which enables us to produce all-encompassing experiences across viewing platforms.”

However, with its newly appointed CEO, it seems, Intel is trying to focus more on its core products.

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