All Intel chips since 2011 are on risk by zombieLoad hackers – Millions of PCs are on attack

intel chips hacked

Intel Chips hacked

A recent discovery suggests that there is a massive security flaw in the Intel processors. According to the security researchers, the flaw allows the attackers in stealing data which the Intel processor records or accesses. The attackers can also steal information from significant other virtual machines that run on the same computer.

Currently, there is no evidence to prove if the attacks have made use of ZombieLoad. The Graz University of Technology researches first discovered the vulnerability in Intel processors. The chipset manufacturing leader, Intel is using its resources to patch the vulnerability. Intel said that the users have to manually install the patches which the computer manufacturers will provide to the devices.

According to TechCrunch, the flaw affects all the chips the Intel has released since 2011. Google and Apple began issuing the updates; on the other hand, Microsoft had provided the updates from May 14.

The Graz University of Technology discovered bugs in Intel Chip

The attacker has to run code on a different machine for taking advantage of ZombieLoad. Furthermore, it suggests that the users are not in any imminent risk. ZombieLoad, on the other hand, takes advantage of speculative execution, which is an integral part of modern-day processors. Speculative execution aids the processors in executing future commands such as an increase in speed. The first flaw was discovered with the help of Meltdown and Spectre.

The researchers are working tirelessly to find more flaws in the Intel processors. So far these attacks did not have a harmful effect on the users. Researchers also said that the patches are going to slow down the processors for a short time. Given that the fix will make processors a little slow, but the attack vector area is not entirely cut off. According to the researchers, the speculative execution still needs a continuous examination to find more flaws in the processor.

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