Instagram Web: Why the Web Version of Instagram Is Better than The App

instagram web

What was once just a stream of your friends’ images slowly evolved into an infinite stream of algorithmically curated garbage, autoplaying videos, and advertisements. Instagram is currently attempting to force a TikTok ripoff into the mix. This is due to Meta’s devotion to your eyes, the firm that created Facebook and Instagram. They make more money the more time you spend scrolling and interacting—sharing, commenting, liking, watching a video through to the finish, or, better still, making a direct purchase from the platform.

Apps that start off clear and simple frequently get overloaded with more types of content, bright-red notification icons, and different widgets because they need to engage you in order to encourage you to do this. All to keep your eyes fixed on us for as long as we can. I’m not here to take away your enjoyment of Instagram’s new features. But I have a solution if you, like me, find it all a little exhausting: the web version.

Instagram as It Once Was

You can browse Instagram on mobile devices, but the majority of users probably only use the website version on their computers. Simply navigate to in your web browser, log in, and begin scrolling. You may peruse through your friends’ photographs in reverse chronological order, just like in the good old days, because Instagram’s algorithmic sorting hasn’t yet made it here. Even better, Instagram’s web version doesn’t include any adverts or suggested posts.

You can watch any of the videos by hitting the play button; they do not automatically play. Nothing else will be displayed beside the pictures, videos, and Stories of the people you follow. Additionally, Instagram just made it possible to post images and Stories directly from the web, so you no longer need to download the app to use your account to its full potential.

However, not everything is flawless. On occasion, scrolling on Instagram for the web might seem awkward, much to how browser-friendly smartphone interfaces frequently feel. Additionally, you won’t receive any notifications if you entirely disregard the app. Others may understandably view the latter as a deal-breaker, while some will see it as a plus.

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The Answer for iPad Owners Is Instagram for The Web.

Even though it’s hard to imagine, Instagram still does not have an iPad app available in 2022. Instead, users can download the iOS app. But doing so requires zooming in or utilizing a small-screen version of the software. The tablet automatically adds black bars to the right and left of the screen to make up for the width mismatch because the aspect ratio of iPads and iPhones is different. Additionally, the photographs appear blurry because the device zooms in to fill the display.

This is obviously not ideal given that the iPad’s huge, high-resolution display exists for a reason. The web version can save the day in this situation. Because Instagram for the web is customized for your preferred browser, iPad users may surf the site and view a wide variety of high-quality photographs. Just a better method to scroll, really.

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How to Make Instagram’s Online App a Home Screen Icon

You won’t receive the convenient icon on your home screen if you don’t use the Instagram app, which is another drawback. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. Open Instagram in Safari on iOS or iPadOS and tap the Share icon next to the address bar. Tap Add to Home Screen after scrolling down. The Instagram logo will appear as an icon on your home screen. Although it resembles the app’s icon exactly, tapping it launches the web version.

Open the website in Chrome on your Android device, hit the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser, and then select Add to Home Screen. It will ask you to name the direct access; the default is “Instagram,” but you can write anything else. To complete, tap Add. On the following menu, if you have a Pixel, tap Add to Home Screen once more. You may now drag the distinctive Instagram icon around and hit it whenever you want to access Instagram’s website.

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