How to fix Try Again Later error on Instagram?

If you want to fix the problem, you should follow these instructions. Because the causes of the problem are distinct, it’s important to remember that neither of these strategies can provide a perfect outcome. This is something you should attempt, though.

1. Report a Problem

Instagram often provides a way to report an issue when you encounter this error notice, so you may let them know if you think your actions are accidentally restricted.

You can report an issue directly from your account if the option is not included in the error message.

The process is as follows: To access your account, go to your profile and look for the three dots in the upper right corner.

Press on Settings, and then select Help. Click on “Report a Problem” after you find it. A list of problems that you are able to report will appear. Just click on the one you require. We advise going with this Because this feature lets you explain the problem to Instagram’s team if something isn’t right.

After Instagram has reviewed your request, someone will contact you soon. Several days might pass.

2. Change your Instagram password on your smartphone and/or PC

When using a mobile device, find your profile image and then hit the three dots in the upper right corner to access this option. After that, choose Settings. Select Password from the Security menu.

First, enter your existing password. Then, twice, fill in your new password. Click on Done after that.

Here are the steps to change your Instagram password on a desktop website:

Launch a web browser and go to your Instagram account.

Continue by selecting your profile image.

Press the gear button (or settings symbol) that appears on the page.

Go to the “Change password” button.

To change your Instagram password, first, enter your old password.

After you’re done, hit the Change Password button.

That’s all.

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3. Log out Of Your Account and Re-Login in Several Days

Sit tight while you’re not logged into your account.

4. Wait out For a Couple of Hours

Leaving your account for a few hours—or days—should do the trick. The mistake can go away. Put a halt to all activity on your account, including liking, following, and commenting. The same goes for any third-party programs you may be using; you should uninstall them immediately.

5. Uninstall Third-Party Tools from Your Instagram Account

Opening your Settings will do the trick. After that, go to Security, then touch on Apps and Websites. Select Active to de-link any applications that are presently running in the background on your device.

To access Facebook, go to the Settings menu and then click on Account and Linked Accounts. Please log in by following the instructions.

7. Login with a different device and/or IP address

To see if it helps, try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data. Another device, such as a tablet, another smartphone, or a computer, might also be useful for logging in.

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You should now be able to use this information to avoid Instagram’s “Try Again Later” error message. In most cases, this error message appears when you abuse automation tools. To resolve the issue, just cease any account activity that resembles bot behavior and notify the platform of the problem.

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