Instagram Name Style: 50+ Unique and Cool Instagram Username Ideas

instagram name style

You recently opened a new Instagram account, but you’re having trouble thinking of a catchy username? Well, don’t worry because in this article we’ll show you how to pick a name that looks nice while also setting your profile apart from the countless other Instagram accounts out there. It’s crucial to pick a strong Instagram username because it will serve as your account’s brand moving forward. The top Instagram names for both boys and girls are listed here, along with a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to come up with original names for your Instagram account. So, let’s get right to it without further ado:

What Name Does One Use on Instagram?

instagram name style

The audience will be able to identify you on Instagram by looking up your username, which is your online identity. To stand out, the name must be simple to read, memorable, and catchy. Within the Instagram app, the name is seen in a variety of locations, including the home feed when you submit a picture, in the stories, and even while messaging someone. Why not make your profile name stand out given its prominent position? Finding such a sophisticated name can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered. Choose the finest Instagram username for you by reading on:

PS: You may always use your own name and add special characters to it.

50+  Girls’ Instagram Account Names

The list of the cutest girl’s Instagram usernames may be seen here. Simply apply one to your Instagram profile by copying it. However, given that the majority of these names are already in use, we encourage you to draw inspiration from the list and give it your own unique spin. You can use a name from the list exactly or mix and match. If that doesn’t work out either, continue reading to learn how to create Instagram names online and use the app to create a distinctive and fashionable moniker.

  • magic berry
  • Huge Cupcakes
  • Brownie Queen
  • Fresh Tigger
  • Sunset Queenbee
  • Divine Dimples
  • Bikewithgirl
  • Makegirls
  • Lovecapri
  • A hot babe
  • Gives Peace
  • Smal Cutie
  • Jammie Cuddles
  • Kara
  • called me Hanny
  • Fire-Pot Teapot
  • Live stylish
  • Gorgeous babe
  • drowsy Tinker
  • super chuckles
  • Miss Candycane
  • Tiger Cat
  • Instafreack
  • Bunny Angst
  • Lavender
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Vansgirls
  • Mr. Lucky Miss
  • Thechillpixel
  • Dilo Ki Rani
  • Girlyapa
  • Girl Butterflies
  • Lovely Little Princess
  • The Golden Sun
  • Purple Heart
  • Bright Starlight
  • adamant fashionista
  • Sparkle and Gold
  • Beautifully Radiant
  • bleary eyes
  • esteem the girl
  • Lovely Angel
  • Stunning Girl
  • Little Love
  • Good Girl
  • Princess in Pink
  • Woman in Red
  • Lovely Things
  • Lovely Lilac
  • Royal Queen
  • Rainbow Girl
  • Rabbit Angel
  • Sing and dance
  • Woman True
  • She Has Resistance
  • Luxe Tech
  • Elegant Claire
  • Stylish Princess

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Males’ Instagram Handle Names

The list of Instagram usernames for boys uses the same methodology as the list for girls. Use it as inspiration or a combination of it to come up with a creative name for your Instagram account.

  • Programmer
  • Swagyboy
  • Phantom Rider
  • Banner, Bruce
  • NightShift
  • Sacred Site
  • Motivate You
  • Think broad
  • TheTravelTime
  • Round globe
  • Inside is humanity
  • Happy Point
  • Mankind
  • Natural Care
  • Steel Fist
  • The Disruptor
  • Maniac Macho
  • Strong Man
  • Muscle Developer
  • Playing Simmer
  • Playz Slayer
  • Tiger Texas
  • Phobia Swag
  • Monster Killer
  • CyberWarrior
  • Brain Crusher
  • Battle God
  • Shiny God
  • Singh, Yoyo
  • Mr. Wreak
  • a poor captain
  • Guitarist Yoyo
  • Today, Gamer
  • Null Deal
  • Annual Deal
  • Offer cereal
  • Guru is dead
  • Happy Lad
  • Man in Manhattan
  • The Washington Will
  • spooky camp
  • Crazy Treat
  • Mexico’s mouth
  • Dancing David
  • World Tummy
  • Master Caption
  • Monthly Punch
  • Take Seven
  • Loyal Master
  • Cool Samurai
  • The Ninjaastic Ninja
  • Bad Boy Mr.
  • Chairman Punch
  • Dead Extreme
  • Ape in America
  • Nice Devil
  • The Dramagram
  • Smart Clicks
  • Very loud
  • Nun Ninja

How to Find Instagram Usernames that Are Trendy and Cool Online

instagram name style

Nowadays, finding cool Instagram usernames for both girls and males is not too difficult. There are several places on the internet that let you search for a word or two to get a tonne of creative and fashionable names. After that, let the name generator handle the rest of the work. Here’s how to utilize, one such website, to find Instagram usernames.

  • Go to in your browser on your smartphone or computer.
  • You will be greeted by a search bar, into which you must enter a name or a set of keywords.
  • Once finished, click the “create” button next to the search field.
  • There will be hundreds of amusing Instagram usernames displayed to you.
  • You can copy and paste any of the produced usernames to another location for future usage on your Instagram profile.
  • Additionally, the website will check a username’s availability on Instagram for you when you tap or pick it.

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How to Modify Your Instagram Username

On Instagram, changing your username is a rather simple process. See the instructions below for changing your username.

  • Launch Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Select your profile photo by tapping on it in the very bottom right corner.
  • Below your bio, there would be a button labeled “Edit profile.” Choose it.
  • You can adjust both your name and username from here.
  • After finishing, click the “tick” button in the upper right corner.
  • Both private and public accounts can have their usernames changed using the same procedure.

How to Pick the Ideal Instagram Names

Maintain relevancy: Your Instagram username should be pertinent to the material you plan to post there.

Should be memorable: The Instagram name should be memorable in addition to being relevant. This will make it simpler for people to recognise your profile.

Simple to remember: Your Instagram username shouldn’t be difficult to pronounce. Keep it short and sweet so that the user can readily remember it.

Here are some examples of male and female Instagram usernames that you may use to differentiate yourself from other users on the rapidly expanding social media network.

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