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Instagram Influencers making huge money in 2019

Instagram influencers

Why Instagram influencer are making so much money in 2019

The internet and social media is now a medium if reaching out to people and letting people know who you are, what you like and also to make them become influenced by your lifestyle, the way you do things and also to give them a sense of belonging in your world.


  • Instagram influencers in 2019
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In the year 2018, there have been a lot of changes in the influence the social media has over the general marketplace and how easily products (goods and services) are made more closer to their prospective customers.

Instagram influencer charges per post

In the marketing world, companies now make use of people who have a very good and unique influence on their followers on social media to sell goods and as well give them to the assurance of having the best feeling and experience when they make use of this products. In the aspect of the gain these influencers on Instagram, popularly referred to as “Instagram influencers”, make,  they can make up to  $100 for a post with 10,000 followers just for the recommendation of a product for use.

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Instagram influencers

However, in this type of business, it is important to be sincere and know the kind of businesses you will make recommendations for.

Instagram influencers in 2019

As influencers could be known for so many reasons, it is important that you stick to what you love doing and you should also participate in this type of business if you know that such a product can be used by you with no regrets.


If you are not sure if you can use such a product, then you should not recommend it as your followers look up to you. Instagram influencers will make more money in 2019 as compared to 2018 as this is a very good medium to get your products easily advertised and also since the marker is worth $2 billion dollars currently, there is a very high chance it will reach a worth if about $5 – 10 billion in the year 2020.

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