Infinite ending explained – Did Evan Save Civilization?

Infinite ending explained - Did Evan Save Civilization?
Infinite ending explained - Did Evan Save Civilization?

Distributed by Paramount+ and directed by Antoine Fuqua, Infinite (2021) is a mind blending movie that explores the concept of Reincarnation. With Evan McCauley (played by Mark Wahlberg) in the centre of the story, it discusses the themes of reincarnation and how it can impact society.

Antonie Fuqua takes a conflicting take where he pits two groups with different ideologies against each other. Both the groups have their valid reasoning for their actions, however, which one’s correct is left for the audience to interpret. Evan falls on the side of reincarnators who want to use their powers for the betterment of humanity. Meanwhile, Bathurst, the antagonist wants to get rid of this system as according to him it’s poison.

The two groups collide and we get to see some brilliant action combined with elements of a thriller. Infinite largely succeeds at delivering its message with some brilliant cinematography by Mauro Flore. The ending to the movie was rather clear but still, if you didn’t catch on to what happened in the movie’s conclusion, we are here for you. Let’s break down and discuss, Infinite ending explained!

Infinite ending explained – Did Evan Save Civillization?

Who Are Infinites?

Infinites are people who are reincarnated and somehow retrieved the memories of their past life. They are split into two groups of factions that support conflicting ideologies. On one hand, there are good infinites who want to use their power for good.

Meanwhile, other group wants to destroy the civilization so that they can end this painful cycle of reincarnation. In the Infinite ending explained we get to see which side won and which side bit the dust.

How Did Evan Become Infinite?

Evan was also reincarnated. However, he didn’t have any memory of his past self. Instead, he used to have these foggy unknown dreams which were bits from his past life. He got diagnosed as schizophrenic. However, later on, got contacted by good infinites. They recruited him.

Why Does Bathurst Want to End Civilization?

Bathurst was part of the good infinites. But he slowly lost control of himself and became haunted by these memories. The infinites who share similar circumstances as him joined his faction. It was so bad that even in the womb they used to have these relapses of memories. To end this adversity for once and all, he decided to destroy all of humanity. However, to achieve his goal, he needed one key element. Only Evan knew how to get this element.

What Did Evan Have?

Evan’s last reincarnation was O’Brian in which he had hidden an egg. This egg is what Bathurst is looking for to complete his plan. We also find out that Evan and Bathurst go way back. In his very first life as Treadway, he was best friends with Bathurst.

Infinite ending explained – Did Evan Succeed?

Infinite ending explained – Did Evan Succeed?

In the last bits of the movie, Evan successfully locates the egg first before anyone else. With egg secured he defeats Bathurst and destroys his goal of ending civilization. He came to realize his true self and ensured that humanity persists. While Evan did succeed in stopping Bathurst, he didn’t make it out alive.

Instead, he got reincarnated again, this time as an Asian boy. More than likely, we may see a sequel to this movie which will feature this Asian boy.

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