What Is ImgInn? How ImgInn is Changing the Way We Share and Store Images Online!


You might occasionally desire to view anonymously other people’s Instagram posts and stories. However, Instagram does not offer this feature, as anyone’s footprint would be visible in the list of people who have viewed their stories. The question of whether it is possible to watch or even download Instagram stories and posts anonymously may arise as a result.

The good news is that you can achieve this by using a tool for viewing Instagram stories, such as ImgInn. This Instagram viewer website states that it enables users to totally secretly and silently view, download, and archive IG stories and posts from any Instagram public account.

But, you might be wondering if ImgInn is the greatest or even the safest Instagram story viewer application out there. Will it help you reach your Instagram marketing objectives by offering a comprehensive competitive analysis?

We are aware of your worries, which is why we made the decision to offer a thorough ImgInn review that will enable you to fully know this Instagram viewer tool from several perspectives. You will discover how it functions, what services it provides, and—most importantly—whether ImgInn is secure to use after reading this review.

We’ll also introduce you to Aischedul, which is the greatest ImgInn substitute in the event that the ImgInn website isn’t functioning properly. So fasten your seatbelt and let’s begin.

What Is ImgInn Website?


ImgInn, commonly referred to as StoriesIG, is a free and anonymous internet program that lets you see and download public Instagram stories and posts. You may see Instagram in this manner using ImgInn without having an IG account.

You won’t need to sign up or get permission to browse public Instagram content while using the ImgInn search function. As a result, no one will be aware of your search, view, or download activities on the social networking site if you use ImgInn.

The ImgInn website allows you to swiftly remove or delete an Instagram account in addition to viewing and downloading Instagram content.

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How to Delete an Account from The ImgInn Website?


  • Visit the site (i.e.,  ImgInn com)
  • Click “Remove Account” at the bottom of the page after scrolling down.
  • Enter your Instagram profile’s username or URL now.
  • Enter your email address after that.
  • Click or hit the “Submit” button to finish.

In ImgInn, the procedure to delete an account may take many days.

How Does ImgInn Instagram Viewer Work?

You must type your desired username (or user link) into the search window in order to access the service (as shown in the image below).
You can also enter the account holder’s entire name in the search bar before pressing Enter. You can select the desired profile from a list of accounts with similar identities and names that ImgInn will provide.

After a little delay, you can now freely and anonymously browse public Instagram stories and posts. Every Instagram content can also be downloaded with only one click.

I’m done now. Everyone can use the ImgInn website without difficulty because using it is a no-brainer.

Remember that ImgInn only allows you to view Instagram accounts that are public. In other words,  ImgInn does not allow you to browse private Instagram accounts.

Features of the ImgInn Instagram Viewer


Let’s check out what Imglnn has to offer now:

  • Instagram downloader and profile viewer. Almost any publicly accessible Instagram content can be downloaded using the ImgInn service. You are also not limited in terms of how much data you can download from ImgInn.
  • It enables you to easily and in high HD quality download any Instagram content. You can download avatars, images, videos, and posts from Instagram users who have made their accounts public.
  • Videos and posts from tagged accounts may be displayed. You may replicate Instagram captions or comments with ImgInn.
    Imiginn is completely cost-free.
  • You can save the Instagram material you want to your phone or computer’s hard drive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Images

Let’s now learn more about ImgInn Instagram viewer by carefully weighing its advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of ImgInn

  • It’s straightforward and quick to use the ImgInn Instagram viewer website.
  • Nothing to pay, absolutely free
  • ImgInn does not require you to register an account.
  • Using the platform through the website does not require any personal information.

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Cons of ImgInn

  • You cannot access or download any private Instagram content using ImgInn.
  • You cannot view likes or view counts in posts on the ImgInn website because it does not offer analytics.
  • Due to the lack of privacy or copyright information on the website, there is a possibility of hacking or problems.
  • Instagram Reels material is not supported, thus you cannot see or download it.
  • The website is covered in Google Ads. In actuality, the website’s funding comes from advertising.
  • There isn’t a lot of information on the website about the ImgInn Instagram service.
  • The only way to get in touch with the ImgInn service for technical help is via email.
  • The website lacks specialized menus for downloading various Instagram content.
  • The ImgInn Instagram viewer website reportedly has numerous unfavorable reviews, according to Scamadviser.
  • With the name ImgInn, there are numerous tools that are comparable. It is therefore unclear which one is the real ImgInn.
  • ImgInn occasionally experiences technical difficulties or displays server problems.
  • If you intend to use Instagram for business, Imagine’s extremely basic capabilities and services are insufficient.
  • You cannot like or share another user’s post on ImgInn.
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