Illumibowl Net Worth: Journey of This from Bottom to Top!

illumibowl net worth

While on Shark Tank, the founders of this company marketed their product under the slogan “Pee Responsibly,” and since then, they’ve amassed an astonishing estimated net worth of over $1.4 million, thanks to the show’s airing and the attention it provided.

IllumiBowl has a variety of light colors and styles to help you find your way around the bathroom when you’re drowsy. The inventors came up with this idea after noticing that it was difficult to pee in the dark and that turning on the bathroom light would only wake you up.

Facts and Stats About the Illumibowl.

What Do Matt Alexander and Michael Kannely Do for A Live Show?

illumibowl net worth

In order to eliminate the need for this, he devised a way to illuminate the toilet bowl.

When Matt brought up the idea with his brother-in-law, the two found there was nothing like it on the market. It was because of this that they used Kickstarter to crowd-fund the first prototype.

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Why Did the Pitch End the Way It Did?

Robert clarified that there was a product called a night light that could be used for this purpose. The couple promised Kevin that no one would be zapped while sitting on the toilet at night if they utilized this device.

Robert inquired about their marketing strategy, to which Matt and Michael said that they hoped to sell their product in brick-and-mortar retailers.

Daymond and Lori were interested, but Kevin O’Leary prevailed. She had the Squatty Potty and didn’t need this additional thing, he said.

The Financial Risk.

illumibowl net worth

Robert claimed he couldn’t better on this offer, and Lori confessed that she couldn’t either. Kevin was victorious, as Matt and Michael agreed to his proposal.

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Recap of The Illumi Bowl Shark Tank

A 15% stake in Matt and Michael’s company is valued at $100,000. There are risks to “doing it alone in the dark,” as they say. Sharks seem amused by their “primary priority are number one and two” declarations as they demonstrate the system in action.

After handing out samples, Daymond inquires if the light remains on throughout the restroom visit, and they explain motion activation. It’s explained to Robert that having a goal gives people motivation to utilize a nightlight. It only costs $3.98 to package and assembles each of the 100K units that have been sold on Kickstarter for $19.99. The Sharks are big fans of the profit margins!

They explain that they’re approaching stores, but they’d like the money to launch an internet shop. They’re also working on a technology that allows them to project images into the toilet bowl, and they demonstrate it by showing the other four sharks a photo of Kevin.

Daymond says they need money for inventory, but if they take “affordable next steps,” they don’t need the Sharks to help. He is no longer in the game. Kevin likes it because it’s “a little insane,” as he put it. For $100,000, he’ll take a 25 percent cut. For Mark, it’s just a one-of-a-kind object. If you ask him, it’s clear that this is a product rather than an organization. He’s been expelled. Robert isn’t willing to go above and beyond what Kevin is offering because he believes they can acquire their own goods. He is no longer in the game.

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On the Shark Tank, Illumi Bowl

illumibowl net worth

Updates and follow-ups regarding Shark Tank alums can be found often at

Matt and Michael have stuck to their guns after landing a Shark Deal with Kevin O’Leary. Smaller local stores and independent franchises like True Value were their first stops, but now they’re focusing on securing space in larger chains.

In addition to working as a liaison between the company and shops, Kevin O’Leary has used his relationships to help grow the product’s market. Since Shark Tank, the price has dropped as well. There’s a $5 price drop on the IllumiBowl on Amazon from its initial $19.99 price tag.

As a result of IllumiBowl’s success, the Sharks have flushed with a sense of accomplishment Episode 802 of season 8 features an update on Illumibowl. Then, we’ll find out what they’re doing

Over one million devices have been sold, and the company is still going strong in 2021, according to the latest data.


After the program aired, they sold hundreds of thousands of their goods and are currently working on new products that they are keeping under wraps for the time being.

They’ve revealed that they’re developing a light switch that reacts to movement.

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