Iggy Azalea’s Makeover Madness: Check out Her Transformation Over the Years!

iggy azalea before and after

Flashback! Since the release of Iggy Azalea’s first smash track, “Fancy,” in 2014, we have been dancing to her music. The Australian native rapidly became well-known for her songs and seductive on-stage performances, but she also became well-known for her changing appearance over the years. Fans have continued to accuse the performer of getting additional work done despite the fact that she has acknowledged having certain cosmetic surgery treatments.

Iggy’s admirers were shocked to see what the then-27-year-old looked like before any of her widely famous cosmetic surgery when she uploaded a childhood photo on Instagram in 2017.

Any thoughts on who this #TBT Australian rapper is? is how streaming provider Spotify initially captioned the retro image. She’s so posh, #MoBounce (hint). The Grammy nominee sent a “Hmmm” response and an emoji of a winking face. Even though the post was meant to promote Iggy’s song “MoBounce,” the internet took notice of her rudimentary appearance.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

iggy azalea before and after

Iggy’s drastic transformation in looks soon caught the attention of the public. Who is that? She looks so different, another fan said. “Too many plastic surgeries?” Others said she changed the old photograph. When you also alter your childhood photo, someone said.

The “Black Widow” singer has previously been open about the several cosmetic surgeries she’s had, confessing that she had a nose and breast job. “Four months ago, my breasts became larger! I’d been considering it all my life. She had earlier said, “I adore them so much I had to talk about them. “Saying it makes you feel a lot freer, and you won’t have to fear that someone will look it up afterward,”

“I think people should be more tolerant of the reality that both famous and non-famous women are undergoing cosmetic treatments,” the blonde beauty continued. That is simply the case. Additionally, I believe that more people ought to acknowledge that s-t because we all engage in it.

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Butt Implant Speculations

In addition, Iggy’s butt implants were speculated to have been implanted when she shared a picture on social media in July 2016. In a mirror selfie, the Australian displayed her huge behind, sparking a frenzy in the comments section. Another person commented, “Her butt doesn’t even go with her legs lmfao,” while another noted, “I used to think you were genuine #fakebooty.”

After a low-key pregnancy, the artist gave birth to her first child, son Onyx, in June 2020. Iggy admitted that she believed she would need plastic surgery to regain her pre-pregnancy physique after having her kid.

“I didn’t need to purchase any. I didn’t acquire a stomach that I’d need to cover up, so when COVID came around, I just said, “I’ll keep it a secret.” She mentioned this during an appearance on Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump in 2021. “I don’t have to walk outdoors,” she remarked.

View Iggy’s evolution in the gallery below by scrolling through it!

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iggy azalea before and after

The vocalist was at her most authentic during these formative years.


iggy azalea before and after

Iggy’s appearance in 2014 was very different from what it is today.


iggy azalea before and after

iggy azalea before and after

Use it! She looks fantastic, which you cannot dispute.


iggy azalea before and after

Gwen Stefani is receiving, and now that we think of it, we’d like to collaborate.


iggy azalea before and after

I don’t mind if you have blue hair.


iggy azalea before and after

The queen of illusion gowns.


iggy azalea before and after

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