Idubbz Controversy: Doctor Mike Responds to Creator Clash Controversy After “cheap Shot”

idubbz controversy

If you watch the most recent video on the iDubbbz YouTube channel and then talk to the 31-year-old man who runs that channel for a few minutes, you might think he has a different persona.

During the day, Ian Washburn is a calm content creator who is known for looking at the culture and community around him. His 7.7 million YouTube subscribers like how logical and honest he is. They watch to see which big-name creator the former “Content Cop” will take on next.

Even though Dubbo doesn’t add new videos to the Content Cop series anymore, he still calls out creators who fake, lie, or say misleading things in order to get more fans. In a video called “Why I hate influencer boxing,” he criticized Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom for making empty, high-stakes claims. He told them, “You’re already beating the crap out of each other.” “Why do you feel the need to add this strange element of shame?”

A Well-Known You Tuber Is I Dubbbz.

idubbz controversy

Carter is a YouTuber, and 7.95 million people follow his channel, iDubbbzTV. Carter is no stranger to drama. His “Content Cop” video series, in which he criticizes the content of other YouTubers, is a good example.

His Tana Mongeau video from February 2017 has been watched 31 million times. The “Content Cop” video from October 2017 that was supposed to be about Mongeau’s ex-husband Jake Paul but was really about RiceGum has 47 million views.

In addition to the “Content Cop” episode about Mongeau, Carter met up with her at a meet-and-greet in San Francisco in January 2017 and took a picture with her. Carter had a video of Mongeau using a racial slur in the past, so he asked her to say it while they posed for a picture. In Carter’s video of the meeting, she walks away right away, upset by what happened. Mongeau said in her video about it, “I have no idea how to explain this to you guys. I’ve never been able to understand how people feel in times like that.”

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Change Is on The Way.


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I’m not talking about the 40 pounds iDubbbz is putting on to get ready for his fight, even though I’m sure many of his longtime fans will find his new body strange.

The online video community is what I’m talking about when I say “change.” Artists have been struggling with burnout for years. When they first start making videos, their channels are separated into niches based on the types of fans they get, and switching from one niche to another can be hard. It means that creators have to give up the videos that got them famous in the first place in favor of the ones that make them happy right now. These high-pressure changes add fuel to the fire of burnout.

In its ten-year history, the iDubbbz channel has gone through many of these changes. Washburn became a YouTube star because of Content Cop, but he has since moved away from the “edgy and controversial stuff” that made him famous in the first place. He told Tubefilter that videos that criticize other people are “a fad in YouTube’s life cycle.”

Long-form documentary filmmaking is the main focus of the iDubbbz channel right now, which lets its star be “a little experimental and self-reliant.” In 2020, he made a documentary about the artist Daxflame. In 2022, he made a documentary about the comedian Sam Hype which was a mix of vlogging and gonzo journalism.

People Are Calling I Dubbbz a “simp,” Which Means the Following.

idubbz controversy


In March, fans of the YouTuber found out that Carter’s girlfriend Anisa Jomha had signed up for an account on OnlyFans, a social media site for adult entertainment videos that requires a subscription. The word “simp” was used to describe Carter in many memes and reactions to the news.

Merriam-Webster says that a “simp” is a simple person, but it is being used to insult Carter in a different way. Urban Dictionary defines the term’s slang use as “a man who puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in order to win them over.” In other words, viewers are making fun of Carter for being the submissive partner in the relationship, all because his girlfriend chose to use OnlyFans.

In a tweet on March 15, Carter agreed with the jokes. But in a video posted on March 28, Carter responded to the criticism. Some people had said they were upset that the star had been seen doing things that were not PG-13.

Putting on The Drama

Influencer boxing is a new and exciting experience for both the people who do it and the people who watch it. However, it would be foolish to think that prizefighting creators are giving up their old jobs as they fight their way into a new one.

Many of the skills that influencers learn throughout their careers help them when they get into the ring. “A lot of these YouTubers are doing well in boxing because they’ve already worked hard in their online niche,” iDubbbz told Tubefilter. “They’ve reached their limit with live streaming, and they’re ready for a new challenge,” says the article.

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And creators are also good at the drama that comes with combat sports, whether iDubbbz likes it or not. Weigh-ins and press conferences have always caused fights between fighters, and when the first round bell rings, people who buy fights on pay-per-view can’t wait to see how any shouting matches that happened before the first round end.

The fact that online video stars care about their reputations makes them more likely to protect themselves in the ring. I’ve always thought that Jake Paul got so good at boxing because he knew that many of his haters wanted to see him get beat up. I asked iDubbbz if he agreed with that statement. The main act at Creator Clash said, “It could be,” and he won’t mind if people who don’t like him cheer against him.

“A lot of people are going to be watching to see me or other people mess up,” he told Tubefilter. “I’m happy about that.” “That’s more value for people who don’t find boxing interesting.”

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