Iconic “Mean Girls” Easter Eggs Abound in Lindsay Lohan’s New Ad!

Lindsay Lohan's New Ad Is Full Of Iconic 'Mean Girls' Easter Eggs

The Lindsay Lohanaissance cannot be halted in any way, not even by a misbehaving school bus. In a new advertisement for Allbirds running shoes, the actress pays homage to some of her iconic performances, including Hallie Parker and Annie James from The Parent Trap as well as Cady Heron from Mean Girls.

A dish of Oreos and peanut butter, Hallie and Annie’s favorite snack, is on the bedside table in the upscale home where the clip opens. In allusion to Heron’s preferred extracurricular sport, math, Lohan states at the beginning of the clip as she passes a billboard of Africa (Heron’s native continent), “I didn’t run track in high school – I was more of a mathlete.” Where Dreams Have No End, the title of a well-known song from The Parent Trap soundtrack is written on another poster.

In the following scene, Lohan chooses a pair of running shoes from her home inventory, “the pink ones, of course,” according to an Instagram post she made. She then declares, “Well, it is Wednesday.” (Fans of the Mean Girls know that the only appropriate color to wear in the middle of the week is pink.)

Lindsay Lohan's New Ad Is Full Of Iconic 'Mean Girls' Easter Eggs

Collection Everett (2) In a recent Allbirds commercial, Lindsay Lohan made references to “Mean Girls” and “The Parent Trap.” “These are not just adorable-looking; they are created from natural materials. Always stay away from plastics!” She says towards the conclusion of the video (obviously giving Regina George’s gang a shout-out), then she teases how to pronounce her name to close the advertisement. It’s Lindsay Low-en, not Lindsay LOW-han. “Perfect for a queen bee like Lindsay Low-end.”

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Despite the fact that Lohan hasn’t played a substantial part in a film in nearly ten years (this holiday season, due to Netflix’s Christmas rom-com), Falling for Christmas), she frequently alludes to her background in the spotlight, such as in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness where she playfully discussed her prior encounters with the paparazzi and DUI charges.

In a 2019 interview with EW, Lohan also made assumptions about the whereabouts of her well-known personas. “I believe they have switched places. Therefore, I believe Hallie is working as a parenting coach in London, while Annie is managing a vineyard in California “She described the Parent Trap couple. In the meanwhile, she believes “Without a doubt, Cady Heron is back in Africa constructing gorilla orphan homes. Obviously.” Watch Lohan make a mention of her on-screen personas in the Allbirds commercial up top.

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