Ice Cube’s 2016 Tweet Who Vowed To’Never Endorse Trump’ Resurfaces

Ice Cube's 2016 Tweet Where He Vowed To 'Never Endorse Trump' Resurfaces

Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s 2016 Tweet Where He’s Vowed To’Never Endorse Trump’ Resurfaces

It just took a few hours to the world wide web to dig a tweet from Ice Cube following information of his job together Donald Trump’s government was announced Wednesday (Oct. 14th).

It had been previously reported that Donald Trump’s senior adviser thanked Ice Cube on Twitter for teaming up with Donald Trump’s employees in the Platinum program. 

Ice Cube after explained his job after receiving a great deal of criticism.

He included on Thursday afternoon (Oct. 15th):

“Black advancement is a bipartisan matter. When we made that the Contract With Black America we chose to speak to either side of the isle. Talking truth to power a part of this procedure.”

But matters have not finished there. Presently, a four-year-old tweet by the rapper condemning Donald Trump has resurfaced. He composed in August 2016, only months prior to Donald Trump had been president:

“that I won’t ever support a mothaf**** such as Donald Trump! EVER!!!”

While Ice Cube has not supported Donald Trump, several societal websites users have reacted to the older tweet amid the news of him working with this government.

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