Ice Cube Rejects Idea Trump’s Utilizing Him, Challenges Biden

Ice Cube Rejects Idea Trump's Using Him, Challenges Biden
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Ice Cube‘s scoffing at the Idea he Is Used by President Trump to Triumph over Black voters — he says that Is Immaterial to his Assignment, and he Is calling Outside Joe Biden to Get balking on Linking it.

The rapper and celebrity combined”TMZ Live” Thursday to deal with critics who have been attacking himclaiming he moved into the”dark side” by teeming with POTUS. On Wednesday, Trump’s government declared Cube was included in producing its Platinum … that would pump 500 billion to Black communities and also offer much better access to jobs and education.

Each side is that the Darkside for us in America. They are the same before something affects for us. All of them lie and all of them cheat but we can not afford to not negotiate with whomever is in our state in this state won’t ever change. Our understanding is bipartisan. Https://t.co/xFIXXpOs8B

— Ice Cube (@icecube) October 14, 2020 @icecube

Cube advised us that his sole focus has been getting the government to embrace parts of his Contract with Black America… to be able to enhance Roman lives. He insists that he isn’t trying to influence Dark votes toward either candidate.

He points out he has never satisfied together with the Prez, however, has come with members of the two parties in a bid to create both”get with the program”… meaninghis CWBA.

So farit seems like one facet’s been open to becoming together with his inaugural program compared to other… and Cube indicates the Biden effort’s wasting a golden chance.

However, Cube asserts the Democrats have claimed to use him following the election, which like he states, it comes down to who you trust.

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