Ice Cube: I’m Not Here To Make You Vote For Almost Any Damn Body!!

Ice Cube: I'm Not Here To Get You To Vote For Any Damn Body!!

Ice Cube remains defending himself later it had been disclosed he sat down with all the Trump effort — he states that he isn’t advocating Trump or another offender.

“I understand people have their ideas I’m being used,” he explained. “I am not used since I walked there, I’d the meetings and that I talked. I have never met with Trump, I have never been into the White House. I spoke to both campaigns — just like I said I would,” he told TMZ Live. “I’ve a Contract With Black America (CWBA) that both parties will need to get together. We can not rely on a single celebration to deliver this through, it is overly wide. Both parties will need to have with this.”

Cube says he is only attempting to assist the Black community rather than the political parties.

“I am not here to allow one to vote for any damn body. Matter of fact, that I had been the one expression,’You should not vote if you don’t receive something for this.'”

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Peep the entire interview below.

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