‘I enjoy looking great and feeling positive about myself’

'I like looking good and feeling confident about myself'

What is your favorite fashion age? The’70s — that I really like the bell moves.

Along with your favorite fashion designers? Shona Joy and Yeojin Bae — I always really like the vivid colors.

have you got a favorite fragrance? Monoi oil. ) It is produced from the tiaré blossom, which resembles a gardenia, also has been utilized in Tahiti for centuries.

Can you recall a favorite costume you wore as a kid? It turned out to be a double-denim appearance, jeans and a vest, so when I had been 10.

What is the very first trend instant? For the college formal, I believed it’d be cool to put on joggers; maybe not the fine shoes that you group with dresses nowadays but a filthy, gross set I wore having a wonderful black-and-white dress. I believed it was a fantastic thought because I really could dance in themuntil I got there and watched my buddies in their amazing shoes.

Along with your worst style error? A orange, pleated, off-the-shoulder shirt I believed was really trendy about 15 years past. While I look back today, I realise that it had been anything but.

Which are 3 essential things in your cupboard? My Rolla’s denim coat — it functions with lounge wear and a wonderful dress. Kathmandu leggings in green or blue I use these to drop the children to college, go for a jog or to inspect the surf. Along with also my Vans.

Turia as a six-year-old within her school uniform.

Is there something you would never use? Dark leggings — that they make my thighs look too lanky.

Who is your personality muse? Dancer and choreographer Parris Goebel, by New Zealand. I really like the way she presents her multiracial heritage in to her job and fashion; for instance, by wearing a gorgeous dress with a Samoan designer into a awards night.


Will there be a current fad you want? I am adopting the lounge-wear trend. That which we wear affects the way we feel — it is embodied cognition. You do not wish to be at home in your pyjamas on Zoom requirements; you need to seem great, but in exactly the exact same time be comfy.

What is your favorite find a casual Sunday? My perfect Sunday is invested bushwalking together with my spouse Michael and the children, so it is very casual: Yoga trousers and a long-sleeve teeshirt.

Turia’s novel, Joyful and Other Ridiculous Aspirations (Ebury), is available today.

This report looks in Sunday Life magazine over the Sun-Herald along with the Sunday Age available September 20.

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