I am not searching for love

I'm not looking for love

Kathie Lee Gifford is not”actively searching” for love.

Kathie Lee Gifford

The 67-year old daytime chat show host and celebrity has been on the lookout for a new guy after the departure of her husband Frank Gifford at 2015, however, has admitted she is stopped actively looking for her brand new Mr. Right, also believes she’ll just”fall in love ” if a greater strength makes it occur.

She told Page Six:”I believe I dated several unique gentlemen and they are all excellent men but they are not the man for me…¬†When I fall in love it will be because God simply made it happen.”

The information is following Kathie recently confessed she was”ineffective” in her quest for love up to now, also insisted she does not have a strict preference for her perfect man, as she’d like him to possess”real teeth”.

She explained:”Oh, so I still have some gams. That is about all I have left. I’ve my teethbut I am just searching for a man that has actual teeth. That is it.

“I’ve dated a bit. It has not been effective.”

Meanwhile, the Kathie stated earlier this season she’s”receptive” to relationship nearly five decades after her husband died from natural causes.

She explained:”Obviously I am receptive [to dating]! ) Who says I am not dating someone?”

However, Kathie Lee is reluctant to talk about her love life in people, since it”might be tomorrow”, and she is”picky” when it comes to guys.

The star – who’s Cody, 30, along with Cassidy, 27along together with her late husband – clarified:”I do not anticipate any guy to fill my husband’s cleats, no one will be Frank Gifford. I am not searching for this. I am not searching for something. When he comes along, I will know. I am not looking, I am busy.”

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