I am attempting to cross the boundary… south of Princes Bridge

I’m yearning to cross the border ... south of Princes Bridge

Shopping in the Vic Marketplace (4.9 kilometres from house )I requested a dealer how she is going. “The five-k ruler has killed us,” she sighed. People today travel for to areas as unique as the marketplace. Closeness in a contemporary city is not measured by space but in traveling time; it is determined by streets, train paths and all mode of accessibility barriers.

And time appears more than ever enjoy a build. Every time a six-week lockdown lasts 11 months, or perhaps 15, or even more if you dwell in the initial 10 postcodes secured down, then there does not seem much point in counting off the times.

Space, on the other hand, seems to be fairly repaired. We’re we are, and we need to remain.

I am fortunate enough to have friends residing less than 10 slough off (we could fulfill in the center ), however there are loads of others residing unattainably south of this river, or even outside in the mythical lands of Ballarat and larger Geelong.


Occasionally I sit and stare in the web site which reveals the map of my allowed variety (who knew we would want anything?) I am able to change the radiusfour kilometres and that I could swim in Albert Park. One less and also the Yarra Boulevard will be off limits. There is nothing stopping me that fanciful border except that the mantra”we are all in this together” and dread of a good. And recognizing that time is true, for many practical purposes, which once This is Over, there will be additional ideal mornings.

Jenny Sinclair is a Melbourne writer.

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